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Mini vegetable tarts

Mini vegetable tarts

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From all the ingredients for I formed a ball of dough, which I left to cool for about 30 minutes, until I prepared the filling.

I scalded the broccoli and the carrot (only 3-4 minutes), then I drained them and dipped them in cold water, to keep their color. I finely chopped green onions and bell peppers, mixed with diced carrots, small and chopped broccoli, seasoned with salt and pepper and mixed with beaten egg, sour cream and cheese.

I took the dough out of the cold, formed balls and baked them in the shape of cast iron (like that of walnuts ... veeeeche, old, which is very dear to me).

If you do not have such a shape, you can place the dough in mini tart or savarine forms, greased with butter and lined with flour, or you can use the muffin tray with the same success. In these cases, place the dough in shapes and in the formed cavity put special muffin papers, which you fill with beans, rice, lentils, etc. what you have around the house and is good for sacrifice (this procedure is used to prevent the dough from leaving on the edges, and the bottom of the molds from swelling, resulting in some very unsightly baskets). Put the molds in the oven until the crust is browned, and after complete cooling, remove them from the molds ... and you have the perfect baskets.

After I finished baking the baskets, I filled them with the above composition and put them in the oven for. 10 min. They are delicious both hot and cold.

I prefer them cold.



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