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From casseroles to dinner rolls, if you can bake it these wares will help you make it.

Our Favorite Bakeware

No matter whether your allegiance falls to savory or sweet, these baking tools will be welcome additions to any kitchen.

Williams-Sonoma Fall Forest Piecrust Cutters

These spring-loaded piecrust cutters imprint one of four leaf patterns and cut your dough, all in one simple step. Warning: Using them might make your pie look almost too professional.

Price: $18

Shop: Williams-Sonoma

Bram Bean Pot

Bram's Bean Pot doubles as a baking and serving dish.

Price: $103

Shop: Bram Cookware

Beehive Kitchenware Co. Quotes Measuring Spoons

Le Creuset Pie Bird

Old-fashioned, cute birds let off steam during cooking so fruit fillings won't bubble up.

Price: $5

Shop: Le Creuset

Haeger Natural Ovenstone

Handles are helpful when you’re lifting a hot pizza stone. Made in Illinois.

Price: $25

Shop: The Haeger Potteries

Bauer Pottery Company Batter Bowls

Bauer’s bright batter bowls provide a pop of California sunshine. Stir, pour, cook your pancakes!

Price: $50-$55 each

Shop: Bauer Pottery Company

Sagaform "Season" Pie Dish

More of this whimsical summery print is revealed as you serve each slice.

Price: $35


King Arthur Flour Wavy Baker

These ceramic bakers are downsized for smaller serving of mac & cheese or shepherd's pie. Make one, freeze one.

Price: $18

Shop: Williams-Sonoma

Emile Henry Small Rectangular Dish

Ceramic bakeware that goes from oven to table with style. Nicely sized at 11 x 8 inches, too!

Price: $35

Shop: Emile Henry

The Spoon Sisters Dash, Pinch, Smidgen Measuring Spoons

Bringing precision to a pinch, not that that's really possible, but these weee spoons are a fun gift for any finicky cook.

Price: $5

Shop: The Spoon Sisters

Le Creuset Heritage Casserole

Le Creuset's 4-quart Heritage casserole is stunning and much lighter—and less expensive—than their cast-iron pieces.

Price: $80

Shop: Le Creuset

Joseph Joseph Nesting Multicolored Bowls

Amazing technicolor nested prep bowls and measuring cup set from Joseph/Joseph.

Price: $50

Shop: The Conran Shop

Paula Deen Nonstick Bakeware

Paula Deen's baking pans and cookie sheets come with colorful nonstick silicone liners—no need to swipe them with butter or shortening.

Price: $18-$27


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