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6 Healthier Brunch Options Slideshow

6 Healthier Brunch Options Slideshow

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2. Tofu Mexicali Scramble

There aren't any eggs in this "scramble," but that's the whole point. Tofu supplants eggs in this recipe and makes this dish completely vegan, while a touch of ground cumin, a pinch of chili powder, and fresh chopped cilantro turn this into a powerhouse of flavor.

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4. Tomato Egg Cup

It only has five ingredients and it's kid-friendly. What more could anyone ask for? Roasting the tomatoes enhances their flavor in the off-season, and with a little whole-wheat toast on the side, it's a complete and healthy way to start off the day.

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6. Slow-Cooked Eggs with Roasted Tomatoes and Goat Cheese