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This Advertisement Claims Chipotle Is Making People Fat

This Advertisement Claims Chipotle Is Making People Fat

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‘Chubby Chipotle’ ads appeared in the New York Post today as an apparent slam against the beloved fast casual chain

Chipotle says it’s sustainable, but this ad draws your attention elsewhere.

Chipotle is known for its attention to health-conscious transparency: from eliminating GMOs (even though one woman claims otherwise) to getting rid of carnitas because their suppliers weren’t raising their pigs with enough TLC, the fast-casual chain is practically synonymous with sustainability.But in an advertisement that appeared in today’s New York Post, it’s put forth that “Chubby Chipotle” may have wholesome ingredients, but it’s still a fast food chain that’s making us fat.

According to the ad, placed by, if you eat two “all-natural” Chipotle burritos, you could gain up to 40 pounds a year. The ad notes sarcastically that “experts agree that eating 1,300–1,500-calorie burritos twice a week will probably make you fat.” Ouch.

“We believe Americans can make their own choices about what to eat and — yes — indulge if they want to.” Chubby Chipotle claims on its website.But we also don’t support false marketing that distracts from substantive issues.”

Not surprisingly, Chipotle wasn’t too keen on this slanderous ad.

“What they're saying, what they're accusing us of, it's nothing new," Chris Arnold, Chipotle's director of communications, told The Washington Post. "They're just rehashing things others have been making up about us for years.”

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