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New potato dish

New potato dish

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We peel the potatoes, wash them and cut them into larger slices.

clean the onion and cut it into small pieces.

the carrot is cleaned and put on the large grater.

cut the red pepper into cubes.

the tomato is cleaned of the skin and the squares are cut.

the green parsley is washed, the tails removed and finely chopped.

put some oil in a pan.

it is left to heat up.

when it is hot, add the onion and the carrot and heat them a little.

after they harden, add the red and red peppers and heat them a little more.

after that put the potatoes.

cover with water, put a lid on and let it boil.

when it is almost ready, put the tomato paste dissolved in a little water over the food, season it with pepper and vegetables.

the flour is also dissolved in a little water, mixed well then passed through a sieve and put over the food, evenly so as not to become lumpy (you can also not put flour but I make it juicier, and more coarse juice put a little flour).

finally add the chopped green parsley, bring a few more boils and the food is ready.

it is served with a salad or a pickle (we ate it with donuts in sauce).


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