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Spinach tart

Spinach tart

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First prepare the filling: cook the spinach in oil until the water evaporates, add the chopped garlic and season, then let this mixture cool.

Knead a dough of all ingredients, spread a sheet the size of a heat-resistant dish in which we want to prepare this tart, taking care that the walls of the bowl are lined with dough. (Leave the rest of the dough aside because we will use it for the cover.) Over the sheet placed in the bowl, add the two tablespoons of broth, level it to be distributed over the entire surface, then add the spinach filling.

Spread the rest of the dough, if you want you can cut shapes that have been placed on top of the spinach. Grease the entire surface of the tart with beaten egg, sprinkle the cheese, poppy seeds, decorate with olives and bake (which must be preheated) for about 40 minutes. the temp. moderate (160 degrees).


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