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Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes - Bocconcini Lollipops

Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes - Bocconcini Lollipops

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    • Prep 15min
    • Total30min
    • Servings12

    Are you looking for something a bit different to serve as an appetizer? Then this simple but eye-catching recipe based on the Caprese salad, Italy's ubiquitous paring of mozzarella and tomatoes is perfect for your holiday entertaining.MORE+LESS-

    ByTablespoon Kitchens

    Updated July 21, 2015



    cherry tomatoes (stems removed) (I used heirloom tomatoes that I found at trader joe's)


    bocconcine (baby Mozzarella)


    tablespoons virgin olive oil


    teaspoon Italian seasonings


    tablespoon chopped flat-leaf parsley


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    • 1

      With a sharp knife, remove the top 1/4 inch of each tomato.

    • 2

      Skewer the bottom of each tomato and mozzarella piece with a large wooden or bamboo skewer. For the most eye-catching presentation, stand the lollipops in tall glasses. (I put black rice inside my glass to help stabilize the lollipops)

    • 3

      In a bowl, combine the seasoning and olive oil, and parsley. Drizzle a little over each tomato before serving.

    Nutrition Information

    No nutrition information available for this recipe

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    Heirloom Black Cherry Tomatoes

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    Today is an ode to food that is flat out gorgeous, as well as delicious.

    Behold, the heirloom Black Cherry Tomato. With a natural color that results from pollination from different cherry tomato colors, these make a beautiful addition to a tomato salad. Or just strew a handful onto the dinner plate alongside whatever else you’re eating.

    Their flavor is unique — just a bit more complex and perhaps smoky, with a sweet pop.

    They’re from Mexico (grown in a hothouse or shade house), and cost in the neighborhood of $3.49 distributed by Melissa’s Produce. (Melissa’s kindly sent me a sample to try.)

    But never mind all that. Just behold their beauty.

    And then pop them into your mouth.

    My children consider cherry tomatoes candy. That works for me.

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    I don’t believe that black cherry tomatoes come from Mexico. The true Black Cherry was developed by Vince and Linda Sapp of Tomato Growers Supply and released in 2003

    How could they just be released in 2003 and be considered heirloom?

    I believe they are a cross-pollination with heirloom seeds, to get the appearance and flavor of heirlooms in a cherry tomato-sized fruit.

    I love these. I found them last year at Lowes. Everyone loved them, but I can’t find them this year. Where can I get some more?

    Special Thanks to Shockinglydelicious for this great feature on Heirloom Black Cherry Tomatoes.

    Melissa’s Heirloom Black Cherry Tomatoes featured nicely on Shockingly Delicious food blog, check it out:

    OOOH! Love these photos! I wanna pop them in my mouth too! (and fortunately my kids are like yours…they eat these like snacks!)

    Hi from Dorothy Reinhold

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    Heirloom tomato salad with bocconcini and basil

    Because I’m a seasonal fanatic, I refuse to make this salad at any other time of the year than when heirloom tomatoes are in season – even though I’ve been known to lust over it in mid-January.

    I’ll admit that I’ll extend the season a bit if I find local greenhouse tomatoes, but that’s the only exception I ever make. So every year, from late June until mid-October, I’ll make this salad at least once a week.

    Perfectly vine-ripened tomatoes are sweet rather than acidic, and when they are served with melt-in-your-mouth handmade mozzarella and a spicy olive oil, they command the attention of your taste buds. (Mine are prone to do somersaults without any encouragement whatsoever.)

    Guess what I’m making for lunch today? Buon Appetito!

    What is the Difference Between Grape and Cherry Tomatoes?

    And of course you can use grape tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes. In most recipes they are interchangeable, though there are some subtle differences. Cherry tomatoes can range in size from quite small to golf ball size. Grape tomatoes are usually smaller and less sweet than cherry tomatoes. In general, grape tomatoes are also meatier, with a thicker skin.

    Grape tomatoes last longer than cherry tomatoes, in general having said that ideally you should never refrigerate tomatoes at all. Refrigeration changes their texture, and mutes their flavor.

    A Pretty, Bountiful Crop

    Fun and easy to grow on vigorous vines, these bite-sized gems make a pretty, bountiful crop. And they&rsquore perfect for a healthy snack &ndash a win/win veggie!

    For small decks or patio gardens, choose the compact, determinate varieties. And where they have more room to grow, select indeterminate ones &ndash but remember to provide supports like cages or trellises when you plant.

    Whatever you choose, there&rsquos something suitable for every location in our collection of the best cherry tomatoes to plant in your garden.

    Tell us about your favorites in the comments below. And for more tomato know-how, check out these guides next:

    © Ask the Experts, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. See our TOS for more details. Product photos via Burpee, Eden Brothers, and True Leaf Market. Uncredited photos: Shutterstock.

    About Lorna Kring

    A writer, artist, and entrepreneur, Lorna is also a long-time gardener who got hooked on organic and natural gardening methods at an early age. These days, her vegetable garden is smaller to make room for decorative landscapes filled with color, fragrance, art, and hidden treasures. Cultivating and designing the ideal garden spot is one of her favorite activities &ndash especially for gathering with family and friends for good times and good food (straight from the garden, of course)!

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