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Fried green beans

Fried green beans

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Recipe Fried green beans of of 25-07-2019

THE fried green beans they are a delicious idea for a particular aperitif. The peculiarity of this recipe, in addition to the green beans themselves, is that I used a different batter than usual, much denser, and then I passed them in breadcrumbs, so they are really super crunchy;) You can serve them alone or combined with other vegetables , for example aubergines and peppers cut into sticks for a riot of crunchiness that will make you and your guests happy!
I must say I missed the fried green beans, but I enjoyed them very much and can't wait to do them again! Have you ever tried them? Let me know in the comments :)


How to make fried green beans

First clean the green beans, removing the ends from both sides.
Wash them under running water, drain them well and steam them for 5 minutes.

Move on to the preparation of the batter: pour the flour into a bowl and begin to gradually incorporate the water, stirring with a whisk, then add the Parmesan, always continuing to mix.

Begin to dip the green beans a few at a time, sprinkle them with the batter, then pass them in the breadcrumbs as well.

Heat the oil in a pan, then start frying the green beans, turning them to brown evenly and then draining them on absorbent paper as they are ready.
If you deem it necessary, add a little salt, but in my opinion, thanks to the Parmesan, the batter is already quite tasty on its own.

The fried green beans are ready, bring them to the table and serve them immediately.

Fried green beans: the recipe for a spring aperitif

I love cooking with seasonal vegetables, I often say this. Following the rhythm of nature guarantees us a better product, a lower cost and greater sustainability in consumption. Because, even if we find a lot of vegetables all year round, when it is in season it has a really special flavor, as in the case of these fried green beans.

The batter is not the usual batter, does not arise from a choice, but from a necessity. Everything was ready to fry and I was only missing the last step, when I realized that I had no eggs. I had just read something about the binding power of & # 8217aquafaba, the governing liquid of legumes, and how it was perfect to replace eggs. No sooner said than done, I had a tin of chickpeas in the pantry and I tried it, with excellent results, especially in terms of flavor (completely neutral) and lightness.

Ingredients for 250 g of fried green beans
  • 250 g of fresh green beans
  • 150 ml of aquafaba of chickpeas
  • 00 flour to taste
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste

First I took care of the green beans, which I washed thoroughly. I chose not to peel them to make them & # 8220 graspable & # 8221 from the stalk, but if you want, at this stage, you can clean the ends with a small cut.

I put some lightly salted water to boil in a large pot. Once it came to a boil, I dipped my green beans for 3 minutes. In this way they will remain softer in frying without losing their color and their slight crunchiness.

I immediately drained and cooled the green beans under running water and in the meantime I prepared the batter.

In a deep dish I poured the aquafaba and added the flour little by little, mixing with a whisk: the consistency must be fluid and creamy, not too liquid. I salted and peppered the batter of my fried green beans with smoked salt and black pepper.

At this point I heated the seed oil (I use it with peanuts) in a narrow and high saucepan, I dipped a handful of green beans in the batter and I threw them gently in the oil, cooking 5 minutes, until the batter turns golden. I repeated with all the green beans.

I served my fried green beans with a sprinkling of salt and pepper in small paper or bamboo cones, like these *.


Even the food and wine pairing is unusual, for the first time I combine a sake with one of my recipes. I recommend a sake Junmai, produced exclusively with rice, koiji and water (therefore without added alcohol). This process enhances the flavor of rice and koji, more than in the other types, moreover it has a marked acidity, which makes it perfect in combination with fried foods.

Fried green beans, the delicious recipe

THE green beans Fried are a quick and easy to prepare side dish that can also work as snacks or as a scope for a aperitif or a brunch.

Rich in vitamins, light and tasty like many others legumes, green beans lend themselves well to being fried because their skin is still soft and not very ripe.

With green beans in fact we mean the pods of the beans eaten when the seeds have not yet developed: therefore they go in the recipe fried also the skins but this adds more flavor to the side dish.


THE green beans fried are very easy to prepare: first of all the vegetables it must be washed with care.

After you have them rinsed for a few minutes under running water, remove the ends with a knife, especially if the green beans are long, and other impurities present on the pods.

Separately, in a large bowl, break the two egg and add salt and pepper. Mix well until the liquid is compact.

Immerse yourself i green beans, after having drained and allowed to cool. In a separate dish, filled with breadcrumbs, you are going to put the same vegetable.

In a cooking pan from the high edge, heat the seed oil until it begins to fry: only now pour the breaded green beans, being careful not to get dirty with splashes of oil.

Fry for a few minutes and then move the green beans fried in a plate covered with absorbent paper.

Serve on the table or create some cartocci where to put the fried green beans and give them to the participants at your aperitif!

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Unusual green beans: ever tried fried?

by Giorgia Di Sabatino Contributor

If you think you've fried everything, maybe you're wrong: have you ever tried green beans? Here is the idea for the vegetarian snack you don't expect!

How do you cook i green beans?
Definitely steamed, definitely with the potatoes or in & # 8217nicoise salad, definitely with the trophies and the pesto.
But have you ever tried them fried?
That's a pretty unusual recipe, isn't it?

A vegetarian snack

THE fried green beans I'm a & # 8217idea very quick to prepare like finger food for an aperitif or even for a side, perhaps to propose some vegetables to children who otherwise would not like them.
Green beans they should not be cooked, but directly passed in a batter before being immersed in boiling oil.
They are obviously delicious served hot and maybe with some salt that we will then suggest.
Here is the recipe.

How to make fried green beans


300 g of green beans
200 g of water
150 g of flour 0
150 g of breadcrumbs
peanut oil


The first thing to do is to carefully wash the green beans, dry them and then remove the ends with your hands or a small knife.
Separately, prepare the batter by adding the water a little at a time in the flour and mixing well with a hand whisk, eliminating the lumps. The water must be cold enough and if you want a type of frying Tempura use sparkling water.
Dip the green beans first in the batter and then in the breadcrumbs and then cook them in peanut oil at temperature.
Drain them on the paper for frying and add salt.
Serve them immediately otherwise they lose consistency.

What to do if they advance

If they advance, but they don't advance, you can keep them in the refrigerator in a container with a lid for up to two days.
You can then use them in a & # 8217 salad to make it tastier and if you want to heat them, pass them in the oven for a few minutes on the grill, in this way they will find a little crunchiness.
You can also possibly use them to prepare some sort of fake parmesan alternating layers of fried green beans with tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella and then bake everything in a static oven at 200 ° for about 30 minutes.

Tasty accompanying sauces

To accompany the fried green beans we suggest a classic mayonnaise or 10 creative variations very original, or a delicate mustard.
Also excellent Vegan mayonnaise, without eggs, but prepared with soy milk or the classic tzaziki with Greek yogurt.

To start preparing fried green beans you have to start right from green beans, which will be deprived of both ends and then washed thoroughly under running cold water.

Put a pot of salted water on the stove and bring it to a boil. Now add the green beans and let it boil for about ten minutes. The cooking of the green beans should not be finished at this stage since they will then be passed in hot oil.

Once 10 minutes have passed, drain the green beans thoroughly, eliminating all traces of water. Only at this point, and after having left them to cool down a bit, pass them in & rsquouovo beaten with a pinch of salt e then in breadcrumbs.

Put some squool to heat and, when it has reached the right temperature, add a handful of green beans and let them go for about 2-3 minutes. At this point, turn them over and continue cooking on the other side as well so as to have a golden brown result on both sides.

Once the refried beans are golden brown they will be removed from the water with a slotted spoon and then placed on a plate covered with absorbent paper so that they lose the excess water. The fried green beans at this point are ready to be served to your guests still hot after having seasoned them with salt if necessary.

Preparation of fried green beans

To prepare these crunchy green beans, you start by preparing the green beans, after having washed and cut the ends they are steamed for 10 minutes. Once cooked, they are put in a bowl, salted and left to cool.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat the eggs with salt and pepper and dip the green beans in once they are cold. Now all that remains is to make the two breadings, first they are passed in the fine breadcrumbs and then they are passed again in the egg and at the end they are breaded with the coarser breadcrumbs.

Fried green beans recipe print

After having made the double breading they can be fried in a pan with plenty of already hot oil. Just fry them for a few moments and then drain them on a sheet of baking paper. Serve still hot.

Recipe fried green beans recipe

Recipe Fried Green Beans Recipes You Will Love. Choose from hundreds of recipes on Fried Green Beans Recipe, recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Prepare the ingredients and you can start cooking Fried green beans recipe. Have fun discovering new dishes and foods of the best Fried green beans recipe recipes of Italian and international cuisine. Enjoy your meal!

Noodles with fried green beans

Street food in China is extremely widespread, like a little in the whole Far East. At every corner there are restaurants (from the most chic to the most rustic), stalls selling street food, from ravioli, to skewers and the inevitable noodles. They are found with hundreds of condiments, vegetables, meat, eggs, fish, but much more often with a mix of some of these ingredients. Methods for serving i noodles there are mainly two: in broth, or sauteed.

Often in the markets or on the street you can see long beans, gods green beans, very similar to ours, but very very long. You can use them, fried in oil to season your noodles, without forgetting the base of each oriental stir fry: a mix of garlic, ginger, spring onion, chilli and the inevitable soy sauce! This time I used the Kikkoman naturally fermented soy sauce which together with iFood has launched a beautiful contest!

Ingredients for 2 people

  • 200 g Noodles
  • 100 g Green beans
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1 Clove Garlic
  • 1 Chilli
  • 1 teaspoon minced ginger
  • Corn Seed Oil
  • Soy sauce


Wash the green beans and remove the ends. Pour the corn oil into a thick-bottomed pan, and fry the green beans until the outside is wrinkled. Drain the green beans and let them dry.

Chop the white part of the spring onions, the ginger, 1 chilli pepper and a clove of garlic from the inside with a knife. Place the mince in a bowl and add the soy sauce to cover. Mix well and fry in plenty of seed oil until the vegetables are wilted.

Boil the noodles in plenty of salted water, leaving them to soak for a few minutes, or following the instructions on the package. Sauté the noodles in the pan with the vegetables, add the green beans and serve.

Fried green beans

These fried green beans are prepared in a short time and with simple steps: in fact, just blanch them, let them cool, bread them and fry them.
And here they are ready to be served as snacks in nice paper packets or small skewers, to be enjoyed standing up too.
They can also cool a rich side dish for a second dish of meat or fish.
A simple and versatile idea that everyone will like, seeing is believing!

10 MIN
15 MIN

• 300 g of green beans
• 2 eggs
• fine and coarse breadcrumbs
• pepper
• salt

After having washed and cleaned the green beans, steam them for ten minutes, salt them lightly, and let them cool.
Beat the eggs with salt and pepper, and pass the now cold green beans.
Make a first breadcrumb in the fine breadcrumbs, pass them again in the egg, and finally bread them again in the coarser breadcrumbs.
Bring the seed oil to temperature and fry the breaded green beans for a few moments, then drain them on a sheet of kitchen paper.

Fried green bean skewers

Follow the instructions below to make the recipe perfectly and amaze all your guests.

  1. The fried green bean skewers they are a different and greedier way of eating vegetables. Making them is very simple.
  2. Chop and blanch the green beans in salted water for 10 minutes. When they are ready, let them cool and then pass them in the flour. Select 5-6 green beans and skewer them, pass them first in the beaten & rsquouovo and then in the breadcrumbs. Repeat the same operation with the rest of the green beans and when you have finished fry them in plenty of boiling oil.
  3. Before serving your fried green bean skewers, place them on absorbent paper for a few minutes. In this way the excess water will be absorbed and the fried green bean skewers they will be more crunchy.

Follow the instructions below to make the recipe perfectly and impress all your guests.



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