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it is good for sarmale or pilaf

  • 7 kg of capsicum
  • 2-3 onions
  • 1 kg carrots
  • oil
  • parsley
  • salt

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes


We wash the carrots, we clean them and we grate them. We wash the peppers, we clean them of seeds and we put them through the mincer and we boil them with half a liter of oil to keep them for the winter. We clean the onion, finely chop it, as well as the parsley and add them when we see that it starts to drop from the juice. Let it boil for about 10 minutes and take the pot off the heat. Let it cool and put an envelope of paprika and a little salt and mix. After that, we put them in jars but to screw them well and spend the winter with them.

Preservation of tasty vegetables for different types of soups and broths for winter & # 8211 4 simple recipes without preservatives!

Vegetables are unique because they look like a salad. Crispy beets with sweet tomatoes can replace vinaigrette. Open a jar of delicious mix in winter and you can serve it as a side dish next to cereal or mashed potatoes.

The juicy vegetables leave juice during the simmer, for this reason no water is added. The spices - garlic, black pepper and others - are added directly to the soups, if they are not contained in the vegetable recipe.



1.Cut the onion into cubes, if large, and scales, if small.

2. Wash the carrot, peel it and grate it.

3.Cut the peppers in half, remove the seeds and cut them into thin pieces.

4. Wash the beets, peel them and grate them.

5.Cut the tomatoes in half, remove the spine and hard core (if any). Cut them into cubes.

Advice. If you have enough time, you can cut the beetroot straw. In this case, the vegetables will need to be cooked longer (about 10 minutes).

6.Put all the vegetables in the pot and prepare the marinade.

7.Mix 3 tablespoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 40 ml of vinegar and 70 ml of oil.

8. Pour the marinade into the vegetable pot and mix well.

9. Put the kettle on the fire and simmer everything over medium heat, without boiling, for 20 minutes. During this time the vegetables will absorb the marinade.

10.After this time, when the vegetables will remove enough juice, bring it to the boil. Turn on low heat and simmer the mixture under the lid, over low heat, for another 20 minutes.

11.If the vegetables are still hard (especially beets), cook the vegetables until they are ready.

12. Meanwhile, sterilize the 0.5 l jars, they are very convenient, and boil the lids for 10 minutes.

13.Distribute the vegetables in jars and screw them on. Turn them upside down and cover them with the duvet.

14. After it cools, store the preserves in the pantry or cellar.

2.Vegetables for soup without vinegar and onions

The sour taste of vegetable soup with the addition of vinegar is not to everyone's liking. This recipe does not contain acid. In addition, it has a specific taste, because beets and carrots are pre-fried in oil.


- ground black pepper - to taste.


1. Pass the tomatoes through the juicer.

2. Pour the juice obtained in a saucepan and cook for 20 minutes, adding spices, salt and pepper. Periodically remove the foam.

3. Chop the bell pepper with a blender or meat grinder. Add it to the tomato juice at the end of boiling, and keep it on the fire for a few more minutes.

4. Meanwhile, grate the carrot and fry it in oil.

5. Also put the red beets through a grater and fry it until it becomes soft.

6. Add the fried vegetables to the tomato juice. Boil the mixture until it reaches the desired consistency.

7. Distribute the vegetables in jars and screw them.

3.Zarzavat- universal

In addition to the mixtures that include practically all vegetables for soup, there are also universal vegetables without beets. Beet-free vegetable recipes have several variants, which differ both in the way vegetables are processed and in the list of ingredients. Some require heat processing, and in others the vegetables are sprinkled with salt and marinated. These mixtures are used in different types of soup. And if you plan to prepare beetroot soup, simply use it fresh.


-2 kg of bell peppers (red or green)

-3-4 cloves of garlic (for flavor)


1.Wash the peppers, remove the stalks with seeds and pass them through the meat grinder.

2. Pass the tomatoes through the juicer.

3.Cut the garlic into large pieces, to have 7 pieces.

4.Add both compositions in a large saucepan of about 8l. When it boils, remove the foam and boil the mixture for 15 minutes.

5. Place garlic, peppercorns and bay leaves at the base of each sterilized jar.

6. Fill the jars with vegetables, screw them on and wrap them.

4. Vegetables with salt

In this variant, the vegetables are not boiled, they are just sprinkled with salt. Thanks to this method, they are kept fresh and vitamin.


-300 gr of greens (dill, parsley).


2. Put the peeled carrot through a grater.

4. Blanch the tomatoes, remove the peel and cut them into small cubes.

6.Put all the ingredients in a large bowl, add the salt and mix well with your hands. Leave the vegetables for 15 minutes for the vegetables to leave the juice.

7.Put the mixture in jars and cover with plastic lids.

8. Vegetable vegetables with salt are kept in the refrigerator.

Everyone will agree that home-cooked vegetables are much tastier and more useful than winter vegetables. And if you can use vegetables from your own garden, you certainly can not find such a masterpiece in stores. With the help of a jar of vegetables, the appetizing, fragrant and healthy soup will be ready in no more than 40 minutes. Save time, not health.

Cut the vegetables into small cubes, mix with salt and preservative and then put in jars. Successfully replaces fresh vegetables in winter.

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Braga is cloudy, mucilaginous, with colloidal substances in suspension, due to the high content of extract with nutrients, with very small amounts of alcohol and acidic fermentation products. If prepared correctly, in good condition and stored properly, braga can be considered a hygienic drink.

The fermentation of the drink begins with a weak alcoholic fermentation which, in a short time, is replaced by acidic fermentation of lactate, acetic, butyric type, etc.

Braga is a complex environment, conducive to the development of various microorganisms. Most of the microorganisms are those of the type Escherichia coli and Sacharomyces, which imprints a pronounced particular aroma. There are also cocci, bacilli, Mucor type molds. Sometimes saccharin and salicylic acid are added to the panties to sweeten and ensure shelf life.

  • In Moldova, braga is prepared from 2 kg of wheat bran, which is mixed with 1 kg of corn, until a dough is obtained. All this is mixed on the oven shovel and then put on the fire. After baking, remove from the oven and leaven in a wooden barrel. Knead, add water, yeast and then leave for 4-5 days. After removing it from the barrel, strain it (not to have crumbs) and put it in a clay or glass cup, in which sugar is added.
  • Another recipe. Ingredients: 1 kg of cereals (wheat, barley, rye, corn, etc.) in equal quantities, 2 kg of corn. Preparation: Put the cereal in a bowl with a little water. Cover the bowl with a towel and keep it warm to speed up sprouting. Drain the water well and dry the seeds on plastic trays or enameled trays. After drying, grind through a meat grinder, nut machine or coffee grinder. What is obtained is malt. Mix the malt well with the cornmeal and put it in a pot of boiling water (there should not be too much water, so as to obtain a thick paste), stirring constantly, for a good uniformity. From this paste, cakes with a diameter of 10-15 cm are made and placed on a baking tray, over high heat, until browned, then removed and left to cool. Break the small pieces and place in a bowl (preferably made of wood with a drain cup) with a capacity of 10-12 liters. Pour 6 liters of boiled water over the cakes. Leave it to ferment for 2-3 days, after which the panties are ready. The same cakes can be used once more, but with less water (about 4-4.5 liters). It is recommended to put twigs at the drain of the vessel, so as not to clog the outlet.

Due to the simplicity of the preparation, the expression "entered the Romanian language"cheap as panties".

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Vegetable soup

I had three consecutive days in which I ate quite a bit and was quite dry. My body rushed to me and asked for a soup. I couldn't refuse him. I didn't want meat, I didn't want anything fatty (I'm not really Axion, the enemy of fat but this time it didn't work) so I chose a vegetable soup. Here it is:

Onions, carrots, garlic, green parsley, parsley root & # 8230

Mushrooms. Pleurotus. They are not my favorites but they mimic the meat quite well.

Celery (celery, aerial part) and real tomato broth, give to Adina, wife Chinese. Next to them, a head of Chinese cabbage. From Hungary.

Two teaspoons of vegetable concentrate made by my mother (all the roots in the world, given by the mincer and combined with some salt).

For the cabbage, broccoli and green parsley to be good for something, I have to put them in the soup right at the end. All three have extraordinary properties related to the prevention of diseases, but their properties disappear if we cook vegetables / leaves.

I did the same with all the other vegetables.

I boiled them (except broccoli, cabbage and parsley leaves) together with the vegetable concentrate.

After the vegetables were cooked, I put a quarter of a liter of broth. I added salt and pepper.

I let it boil for another three minutes and added the cabbage, broccoli and parsley. I put out the fire and put on the lid.

I know people who would never put tomatoes and cream in the same food. I don't have this problem. If I like the taste that results from the combination, I don't shy away.

Vegetable soup for winter (no preservative)

Vegetable soup recipe for winter (no preservative). It is a simple and preservative-free recipe that can be made in several ways. It comes out very fragrant and is ideal for soup or soups. The quantities of vegetables can vary depending on the taste and preferences of each one.

 5 kg tomatoes
 2 kg of pepper (I used fat and capia)
 1 kg carrots
 500 g celery root
 500 g parsley and parsnip root
 3 bundles
 3 parsley bindings
 2 bundles of celery leaves
 8 tablespoons salt for pickles

Preparation of vegetable soup for winter (without preservative):

First wash the vegetables and greens well, then let them drain well.

Cut the tomatoes into cubes and partially remove the spine and peel.

After removing the stalks and seeds from the peppers, chop them finely.

Carrots are cleaned and put on the grater with large holes.

The other roots are cleaned and washed, then put on a small grater.

After cleaning, I had 7 kg of vegetables left.

Put all the vegetables in a large bowl. Sprinkle with salt over them and mix well.

Leave them for about an hour, stirring occasionally.

Fill 750 ml jars (with the juice they leave), writes

Screw the lids of the jars and put them in a pan on the bottom of which you placed paper (sheets for writing).

Pour enough cold water over the neck of the jars and put the pan on the right heat.

When the water starts to boil, reduce the flame and let it boil for 50 minutes.

When the water in the pan drops, add more to the boil.

Allow the jars to cool slowly in boiling water, covered with a thick blanket.

From the quantities mentioned above, I got 11 jars. It is a perfect vegetable for soups or broths and keeps well for several years.

* The content of this article is for information only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. For a correct diagnosis, we recommend that you consult a specialist.

Vegetables for soups and soups & # 8211 2 ways you can keep vegetables and herbs fresh and flavorful over the winter

In the rows below you will find 2 different ways in which you will be able to keep the vegetables for the winter. Thus, soups and broths will taste very good due to fresh and flavorful vegetables and herbs from vegetables.


  • 1 kg onion, 1 kg carrot
  • 1 kg tomatoes, 1 kg bell peppers
  • Parsley root and greens (dill, parsley & # 8211 desired quantities)
  • 170 g of salt for 1 kg of vegetables

Method of preparation:

For a start, we wash the vegetables, clean them and remove the seeds, where appropriate. Rinse the greens well. Cut the parsley root into small pieces or grate it.

Chop the greens and vegetables (onions, carrots, tomatoes, bell peppers) or chop them in a blender. If you don't like tomato peel, you can remove it. Pour boiling water over the tomatoes and set aside a little. The peel will be easily removed.

Mix all the vegetables, greens and parsley root in a bowl. We put the obtained vegetable in bags for the freezer. Remove the air from the bags, close them tightly and put them in the freezer.For the second method, we must add salt to the vegetable mixture. First we weigh the vegetables and only then add salt, exactly as needed. Leave the vegetables aside for 15 minutes.

We put the vegetables in sterilized and dry jars. Fill with the remaining juice. Tighten the lids tightly and put the jars in the freezer.

Vegetables will give good taste to cooked food. Soups, stews and soups will be much tastier thanks to this mixture of vegetables and greens. Try the recipe and then share it with your friends. I enjoy cooking!

Dietary soups

Prepare dietary soups according to simple and quick recipes. Find out what ingredients are allowed in a diet soup and how to prepare it in a short time!

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    For those of us who weren't familiar with the concept, ramen is a traditional Japanese food, more precisely a kind of.

    Pumpkin soup is very tasty and can be served to a younger child, as well as to the whole family. I will.

    Nettle soup is specific to the spring season. Nettles are those culinary wonders of nature specific to the kitchen.

    Rice and zucchini soup is a dense and nutritious soup that can be offered to babies over 7 months without fear. Vegetable juice.

    Gazpacho is a tomato soup, traditional in Spanish cuisine, which is prepared only from raw ingredients. Her recipe has roots.

    Fennel soup is an energy cocktail, which can be included in a vegetarian or fasting diet, if we give up sour cream, being at.

    Lentil soup with sweet potatoes is as sweet as the name suggests, with a high vitamin intake, and ideally combined.

    Minestrone is an Italian soup that is prepared from vegetables and to which pasta is added. There is no default recipe for minestrone.

    Baby meat soup is a simple recipe, which gives the baby an ideal nutritional intake in the months of diversification, being.

    Vegetable soup for babies is easy to prepare and recommended for babies who have begun to diversify. Use vegetables on.

    Fine and creamy, Greek rice soup is a special recipe for lunch, the lemon juice giving it a special flavor.

    A more clean implementation for Ordered Dictionary (Python recipe) by Igor Ghisi

    An Ordered Dict records the order in which items are added. This implementation uses much less code than the others by extending not well-known class DictMixin.


    Some Suggestions. Adding the following to odict should allow its constructor to act like the dict () factory function, will preserve element order when converting from ordered sequences, and should repr () in order.

    And I suppose you could add this so you aren't copying self._keys when calling __iter__:

    Also, you probably should have named this "OrderedDict", to go along with the Python naming conventions.

    __repr__ Fix. Whoops, messed up __repr__ there. It should probably be something like this:

    Slicing. Also, if you wanted to add slicing support, this should work:

    odict not a dictionary. odict is a not really a dictionary. it cannot be used as a replacement of a dictionary.

    for example the following code fails.

    odict not a dictionary. This is a bug in the standard library, as UserDict is not a dictionary either:

    In fact, I would classify this as a bug related to type checking and thus is a bug in the interpreter itself.

    Re: odict not a dictionary.
    FWIW, the problems previously mentioned with DictMixin and UserDict not being considered dictionaries has apparently been fixed - at least it appears to be in Python 2.6.2, the version installed on the machine I'm using.