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Rolled pork chop, boiled in wine with spices

Rolled pork chop, boiled in wine with spices

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The piece of meat is washed and dried. With a knife with a large blade, cut the meat in such a way as to obtain a slice of whole meat, 1 cm thick. Maybe the pictures will help you ... start cutting one slice along its entire length, but not completely, cut one slice after the other, but don't cut the whole meat every time ...

Season the meat with salt and freshly ground pepper, sprinkle with a little flavored olive oil and lightly massage the meat with the ingredients. Roll the meat tightly and tie it with kitchen thread. Put in a heat-resistant dish and add the mulled wine with spices and sugar. Place in the oven at 180 degrees for one hour and 20 minutes. Turn the meat several times while it is cooking, in order to flavor it well on all sides. Allow to cool, cut into threads, slice into thin slices and serve as desired. May it be useful to you !!!

Pork roll with liver

1. Wash the liver and boil it in salted water and a few peppercorns. The meat is washed and cut so as to obtain a slice of flat meat that can be rolled. Season with salt and pepper, and the part to be inside is greased with mustard. Let cool for 30 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Finely chop the onion and garlic and fry in oil. Quench with a little water and simmer for 5 minutes. When cool, mix with boiled liver cut into strips, diced fillet muscle, bagel soaked in water and squeezed, 2-3 tablespoons of wine, olives, beaten eggs, salt, pepper and dried greens.

3. Sprinkle this filling on the slice of meat, roll and fasten with a thread so that it does not come loose. Then place in a pan greased with oil, pour the remaining wine folded with water and bake in a hot oven for 70-75 minutes. Sprinkle with the sauce from the pan from time to time.

Pork cutlet rolled, boiled in wine with spices - Recipes

Bacon boiled in cabbage juice with garlic, a traditional Romanian dish that leaves your mouth watering

Boiled pork bacon in cabbage juice is a traditional culinary delight, a special pork dish that not many have had the opportunity to enjoy its taste. When you hear the boiling in the juice, many have the urge to say no, what is this, but of course I do not know what to eat!

Ingredients: a piece of 300-400 g bacon, a liter of cabbage juice, 2 bay leaves, peppercorns, salt, 7 cloves garlic

For this culinary curiosity, the bacon is boiled in cabbage juice to which are added two slices of sliced ​​garlic, bay leaves, pepper and salt. Depending on the fragility of the bacon, it can be boiled in an interval between 20-45 minutes or it must be kept longer. Once cooked, sprinkle a layer of crushed garlic on top and leave for 15 minutes (a kind of marnada), then remove. It can be smoked according to taste.

It goes great with a glass of brandy or boiled brandy. You will be proud that you were born in Romania!

Jumars are loved by all Romanians who love tradition, despite the fact that it does not help health a lot of fat. But that is why we can only pamper ourselves once a year, at Christmas, when we all gather at home and also we can not exaggerate with the quantities consumed. Today we recommend a recipe that you can't go wrong with! Here's what you need:

3 kg fresh pork bacon, 2 tablespoons coarse salt, 1 tablespoon oil or melted lard (the amount is indicative depending on how much you want to prepare)

The pork bacon is cut into strips about 3 cm wide, then the strips are cut into cubes.

Place the fat cubes in a large bowl, and sprinkle salt over them.

Cool the bowl overnight, or a few hours to get the salt into the bacon.

Take a bowl with a thick bottom, preferably a tuci and add melted lard or oil to it, then put the bacon cubes.

Put the bowl on the fire with less intensity at first and mix it from time to time with a wooden spatula, then when the bacon starts to melt, increase the intensity of the fire.

Leave the pot on the fire, chewing from time to time, until the scallops are nicely browned, almost dry.

They are removed with a foamer, in a sieve, letting them drain well from the fat on them, then they can be served.

They are good both hot and cold and go great with homemade bread, onions and brandy!
Delicious holidays with your loved ones!

Unknown benefits of eating bacon:

Although many avoid consuming it because of its caloric intake, which has nothing to do with the figure, lard brings real benefits to our body, according to current research. Consumed regularly, but in moderate amounts, bacon helps strengthen the immune system, being a good remedy for joint pain.
Recent studies have shown that those who consume fat have a regular heart rate, stronger heart muscle and easier blood circulation, which makes the bacon beneficial for the heart and major blood vessels.

Indeed, if we think and ask ourselves why our grandparents and great-grandparents were healthier we can easily understand that their traditional diet, in which bacon, along with onions, occupied a place of honor on the table, was much healthier in the first place. line for the fact that the foods of that time were 100% natural, having no trace of E's, dyes and preservatives. Secondly, the bacon consumed by our grandparents has certain qualities that are due to arachidonic acid, which improves the body's protective functions.

Here are some other benefits of regular and moderate consumption of pork bacon:

1. Small amounts of bacon regulate muscle contractions of internal organs, including heart muscle, support vascular tone and blood circulation.

2. Bacon is a good remedy for joint pain. Before going to bed, rub the diseased joints well with melted lard or old bacon, chopped through a meat grinder, to which a spoonful of honey is added. Apply cellophane or parchment paper on top, wrap in a wool scarf or scarf and leave on overnight.

3. Bacon is effective in cases of mastitis. A thin slice of old bacon is applied to the inflamed area, a piece of foil is placed on top and it is bandaged or glued with adhesive tape.

4. Pork fat can help relieve toothache. A small slice of unsalted bacon is applied to the painful tooth, between the gums and the cheek, for 15-20 minutes. Toothache gradually disappears.

5. Bacon also slows down alcohol intoxication by covering the walls of the stomach with fat and creating a gastric bandage, which prevents the rapid absorption of alcohol from the stomach. The alcohol passes further into the intestine, where, however, it will be absorbed, but gradually.
6. They paint bones (beaks). Prepare an ointment of 100 g of finely chopped pork bacon, a raw egg and 100 ml of concentrated vinegar (essence). The jar with the mixture is kept in a dark place until the bacon is completely dissolved, stirring periodically. Before the procedure, the heel is kept in hot water, then a cotton swab soaked in ointment is applied to the painful area. The compress is applied at night, in the morning wash the sole with warm water. The duration of treatment is 5-7 days.
7. Bacon contains a significant amount of selenium. This microelement strengthens the immune system and prevents oxidation in the body. Selenium in bacon also benefits smokers who, if they eat little bacon regularly, partially reduce the damage caused by cigarettes to the body.

Sausages> Pork Contains 57 products.

Crispy and tender halves. "The hardened cabbage with those little puddings with which our mother caresses us at the feast needs the best bacon, garlic snacks, a pinch of salt, a touch of paprika and a winter story of my grandfather, with werewolves to soften your legs and make you fall asleep from the fire in the stove. That's how they were made, from the bottom of their hearts. Crispy and tender halves. "Cabbage.

Smoked bacon Mangaliță Smoked bacon Mangaliță

100% natural product obtained from charcoal lard matured in salt until penetration and then cold smoked for a longer time. 100% natural product obtained from.

Toto peasant bacon Toto peasant bacon

Homemade pork bacon obtained by the brine and smoking process. Bacon is one of the traditional culinary preparations, obtained in the Romanian household by preparing pork fat placed either on the animal's belly or on its back. Homemade pork bacon obtained by.

TOTO lard charcoal TOTO lard chard meat

Charcoal pork in lard, in a jar. 100% natural product. Charcoal pork in lard.

Raw-Dried Pork Salami Raw-Dried Pork Salami

Dried raw salami only from pork and spices brought from Italy. Product made with passion according to established and secret recipes of the Italians, matured for 2 months at controlled temperature and humidity. A traditional Italian salami as you ate on your travels in Italy, made in Cluj. Raw salami dried only from meat.

Raw Spicy-Dried Naples salami made of pork Spicy Raw-Dried Naples salami made of pork

Dried raw salami only from pork and spices brought from Italy. Product made with passion according to established and secret recipes of the Italians, matured for 2 months at controlled temperature and humidity. Raw salami dried only from meat.

Santa's charcoal lard Santa's charcoal lard

Product made by melting pork bacon from the mangalita breed. The raw material used is of Romanian origin. Product made by melting bacon.

Smoked bacon Santa Claus smoked bacon Santa Claus

Lightly smoked dish made from pork bacon. The raw material used is of Romanian origin. Lightly smoked bacon preparation.

Sausages like in the old days Santa Claus Sausages like in the old days Santa Claus

Raw preparation, lightly smoked only with meat and charcoal fat. They can be grilled or pan-fried without oil. Raw preparation, lightly smoked only from.

Jumări Santa Claus Jumări Santa Claus

Pickles of charcoal from raw material of Romanian origin - ready to serve. Serve at room temperature. Raw charcoal halves.

Santa's charcoal pulp specialty Santa's charcoal pulp specialty

Chard pulp, smoked and steamed. Chard pulp, smoked and boiled.

Santa's baked chard pastrami Santa's baked chard pastrami

Marinated and cooked chard pork leg. Sliced ​​product. It is consumed as such or drawn in a pan / grill. Marinated chard pork leg.

Braller pork beef sausages Braller pork beef sausages

Sausages from Transylvania made according to a traditional recipe, without preservatives and additives. Sausages from Transylvania made after.

Ferma Braller pork parizer Ferma Braller pork parizer

Real Parisian made in Transylvania according to the traditional recipe, only from pork, beef and spices. Fine and natural taste specific to homemade products. Real Parisian made in Transylvania after.

Petry onion scallop cream Petry onion scallop cream

"Cabbage with scallops or those little cakes with which our mother caresses us at the feast need the best bacon and good onion tastes, a pinch of salt, a touch of paprika from that sweet and a winter story of -of grandpa's, with werewolves to soften your legs and jump the drowsiness from the fire in the stove.

Braller Farm Jumari Braller Farm Jumari

Traditional product made in Transylvania by the frying process, only from natural ingredients. Traditional product made in Transylvania.

Sausage stick sausage Sausage stick sausage

Charcuterie pork sausage Raw natural smoked product. Sausages of grated pork.

Raw-Dried Pork Salami with Fennel Pasini Raw-Dried Pork Salami with Fennel Pasini

Dried raw salami only from pork and spices brought from Italy. Product made with passion according to established and secret recipes of the Italians, matured for 2 months at controlled temperature and humidity. Raw salami dried only from meat.

Raw-Dried Pork Salami with Salt and Pepper Pasini Raw-Dried Pork Salami with Salt and Pepper Pasini

Dried raw salami only from pork and peppercorns. Product made with passion according to established and secret recipes of the Italians, matured for 2 months at controlled temperature and humidity. Raw salami dried only from meat.

Pork breast roll Pork breast roll

Pork breast roll made from 100% natural ingredients. Baked product with beech and cherry wood. It does not contain genetically modified organisms. Pork breast roll from.

Homemade Bacon Farm Braller Homemade Bacon Farm Braller

Real bacon made in Transylvania according to the traditional recipe, only from pork and spices. Smoked product. Real bacon made in Transylvania after.

Pork Sausages Spicy Smoke Factory Pork Sausages Spicy Smoke Factory

100% natural sausages, slightly spicy, made of pork and beef, smoked with natural wood smoke. 100% natural sausages, slightly spicy.

Dry raw specialty Dried raw specialty

Raw-dried and naturally smoked pork product of high quality. Raw-dried and naturally smoked product.

Braller Farm Salami Braller Farm Salami

Boiled product, only made of pork and spices, made according to a Saxon recipe dating from the 1800s. It does not contain any minced meat, only shaped pork leg and kept 72 hours in the stain. It is a salami that does not hide anything when cut, you can see exactly the texture of the meat and what it contains (crushed pepper - not ground, black salt - not iodized), appearance. Boiled product, only pork.

RealFoods delivers organic, natural and fresh products at home, directly from small producers and family farms across the country, but not only. We are always looking for producers who are passionate about what they do and we work directly with them so you know what you are eating. Together with Nico Lontras and Johnny Șușală, 2 of the best chefs of the new generation, we made Ready to Eat products and Ucook cooking packages with over 100 recipes based on Real Foods products. We offer a total guarantee for products that do not have the quality you expected. We know how important trust is when it comes to an online store.

Pork dishes

Pork dishes recipes: how to cook pork preparations and the tastiest recipes for pork loin dishes, salmon dishes, chicken dishes, turkey dishes, fish dishes, chicken leg dishes, pasta dishes, pork stew, pork backs, pork lungs.


Meals, Preparations with polenta ingredients: 500 gr pork (preferably goose or part of the head) 300 gr sausages 300 gr pork chop 6 onions 3 peppers 500 gr tomatoes vegeta paprika paprika salt pepper 1 head of garlic 1 glass of white wine 1 lg oil 500 gr potatoes bay leaves

Tochitura from organs, with sauce

Meat dishes according to the saying - tuica is also made from plums - the same is also made from organs. beef kidney pork kidney pork heart pork tongue pork breast breaded onion chopped garlic salt pepper pepper paprika broth

Caltabos (recipe from Silvia Jurcovan's book)

Appetizers, Appetizers with meat 1/2 of the liver, a kidney, 1/2 of the lungs, 1/4 of the meat and fat from the pig's head, 1/4 of the bacon from the throat (goiter), 1/4 of the mice , 1/4 of the boiled meat, 1/2 of the spleen, spices: pepper, allspice, coriander, grated nutmeg or cloves.

Caltabosi according to the traditional recipe

Meals, Meat dishes, Christmas 1/2 of the liver a kidney 1/2 of the lungs 1/4 of the meat and fat from the pork head 1/4 of the bacon from the throat (goiter) 1/4 of the mice 1/4 of boiled meat 1/2 of spleen pepper allspice coriander

Pork drob

Easter dishes, Appetizers, Christmas pork entrails (liver, tongue, heart), 3 raw eggs, 3 onions, green parsley, dill, a clove of garlic, 1 can of sour cream, salt, pepper, thyme, oil, butter for uns tava.

Pie dough with pork liver

Bakery and confectionery, Salty dishes, Christmas pie dough -250 grams butter or margarine -250 grams sour cream -1 egg -300 grams flour -a salt powder pie composition -one kg pork liver -150 grams rice -100 ml oil -4 pieces onion -4 pieces bell pepper or large donuts -150 grams.

Pork homemade drum

Appetizers, Meat appetizers, Christmas a pork chop, a heart piece, 2-3 pork legs, 3-4 ears, mice, liver, kidneys, a little fat, pepper (berries), bay leaves, a carrot (sea) , two onions, a pork belly.

Almond flour sesame crackers

Bakery and pastry products, Salted preparations 215g almond flour (made from peeled almonds), 1 well beaten egg, 55g sesame, 1 tablespoon oil, salt.

Grilled pork tongue with horseradish

both pork and beef can be used. ex.3 pieces of pork tongue an onion, half a carrot, a few slices of celery are boiled to taste salt, pepper, thyme this time I served the tongue rasol with horseradish mixed with beets.

Pork leg meatballs

Pork, Meat dishes, Meals 2 feet pork mice salt pepper bay leaves garlic

How to make pork tenderloin roll

Pork muscle will cut on length, then beat with a hammer until it is thin (and will remain 1-2 cm thick) with a rectangular shape.

Onion cleaned and finely chopped, put it to harden (to become translucent) in a Teflon pan with oil.

Carrots, wash and peel, boil them with a few bones (chicken, beef), celery, onion, salt, to obtain a soup and used to prepare pork tenderloin in the pan.

Pork we put it in the mincer (or buy it ready chopped).

a bowl we will put grated cheese on a large grater, pork, hard boiled eggs and diced, hardened onions, diced carrots, a few cherry tomatoes cut in half, finely chopped parsley, salt and pepper, mixing everything with a spatula until the ingredients combine.

Brush A piece of sirloin beaten with a layer of tomato paste, then sit down Ham piece by piece on the whole surface, and put on top layer from the composition of meat obtained and slices of smoked bacon.

Pork muscle thus filled, it will RUN tight, then packed in aluminum foil greased with oil and tightened very well at the ends, then we put it in a vas Jena rectangular and covered with bone soup.

introducing vessel in the preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 60 minutes, until the liquid in the bowl drops.

Then we open the aluminum foil, to cook (Romanian) little bit pork tenderloin on top.

Pork tenderloin roll it will be served cut into thick pieces of cca 4 cm and served cold with a gasket or simply as such on EASTER festive mass, along with the others lamb preparations.


This one rolls it can also be made of chicken breast beaten well, beef muscle and in addition to the composition used for pork tenderloin, they can also be added canned mushrooms.

Glazed Pork Roll

Hey, hey, hey! It's summer, it's hot, but it's like eating something in the oven! something to make me get rid of the jars of peppercorns from my mother-in-law: d until they grow, not another but it's a shame to throw them away: (So, this morning, I went to the market. I told the butcher girl that I wanted a piece of 1,200 kg-1,500 kg of boneless and unpacked pork chop for stuffing!

- I bought some mushrooms - about 250 gr - and a sprig of leeks. I got home and got to work.

When I saw how the meat was shaped, I filled his firigder with "delicatessen" because he didn't make my meat properly, but I didn't have a good knife: (- I improvised on the spot! As you can see, it was a "canvas" of meat that I twisted from both ends until I made two rolls.

I cut right in the middle, I struggled to make it thinner, I punched it a little instead of the hammer of the snails and I put a little salt. Just a little. I put the meat aside and started "styling" the quinces and leeks. I laminated the mushrooms with their tails, but so much from the ax :) it won't bother you too much, I cut the leeks into thin slices and mixed them in a bowl with some spices and oil.

I put something ready mixed from a grinder that has salt, lemon and rosemary and another that has salt, pepper. We take the "cloth" of meat, and spread the mixture in the bowl. I also put some raw carrot sticks in between, they look nice when cut and they also taste: wink: Good. now the good part begins. We roll the hull like a roll and we start to tie it with the sausage rope.

There is in some butchers a space net that stretches and comes out nicely from the hulls. I used the classic string method. After we have tied them well so that they do not fall apart, we grease them with. Mashed vegetables! Grease all the parts well, add a cup of water and put in the oven.

At the beginning I only left the bottom fire, I turned them over and when I turned them back with the first part up I started the top fire as well. When we see that it is almost ready, we take out the resulting sauce in a saucepan. I had about a handful of leeks and chopped mushrooms.

I hardened them with a spoonful of margarine in a saucepan, I put a little water and I gave them some boiling, after which I poured the sauce taken out of the oven tray. Bring to the boil, mix with a foot blender directly into the pan and let it reduce a bit.

Put some zacusca over the hull in the tray and let it lighten over a dark color. Cut the eflii and serve with sauce on top and a salad to taste and after you have it in the fridge. I made a sauce with lettuce, onion and cucumber, sour.

A glass of cold or pink white wine goes, I had a Basil from home: wink: and while I'm writing to you I finish a glass of wine, to make my digestion: p

Good appetite!
The quantities are ideal for a dinner of 4-6 people, depending on the appetizers and how many gourmets are the guests. I do it badly for 4 people because the boys always like to eat a plate of the main kind :) Definitely white wine or cold roses!


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