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5 Cutting-Edge Cooking Techniques in Restaurants

5 Cutting-Edge Cooking Techniques in Restaurants

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5 cutting-edge cooking techniques we are seeing in restaurants

Five cutting-edge cooking techniques that you can use at home.

Recently we’ve noticed a bunch of innovative cooking trends and applications. May be splittingand techniques cropping up in restaurants around the country. By reinventing everything from savory to sweet dishes, chefs are raising the bar and changing the dining scene from coast to coast.

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Some chefs are riffing on the pork rind craze and frying other skins like chicken and beef to a crisp. The combination of chicken and waffles is making a comeback at various restaurants around the country, and some chefs are even plating waffles alongside other types of poultry. And who would’ve thought that the traditional snack fit for hikers, beef jerky, would also be popping up on menus? Pretzels are on their way out, and in their place you’ll find biscuits as the bread of the moment. On the cocktail front, we’ve been seeing tea-based cocktails coming into their own, as mixologists across the country are shaking them up.

To help you get ahead of the curve, we’ve rounded up our favorite up-and-coming cooking methods in the restaurant world. We're also sharing recipes from the chefs that use them, so that you, too, can be trendy in your own kitchen.

The Spruce / Danilo Alfaro

Many cooking instructors teach a technique that involves making horizontal cuts in the onion. But trust me, you don't want to do it this way — not ever! Even if your health insurance premiums are all up to date and you have a team of Red Cross volunteers standing by to give you a blood transfusion, don't do it!

Why? It's simple: Cutting sideways through an onion toward your own fingers is just ridiculously dangerous. You WILL cut yourself. Badly.

But even if you had titanium hands, there'd still be no reason to cut an onion this way. An onion's natural structure already has these horizontal cuts in it, so making more is just a waste of time. And then, when you consider that the inevitable result of using this technique is a trip to the emergency room — well, honestly — did I mention, "don't do it?"

OK, enough said about that. Now let's find out the right way to chop an onion.

(By the way, in step 5 I will reveal the cure to watery eyes from slicing onions.)

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Signature Dishes -- Recipes

Shellfish with Ramp and Pea Soup
This dish is our take on a dish from the Venetian Restaurant Il Ridotto. The restaurant version uses red mantis shrimpwhich are extremely flavourful and a specialty of Venice. -- See Recipe

Paupiette of Sea Bass in a Barolo
Sauce Daniel Boulud who considers this one of his signature dishes although rarely on the menu reveals the dish was possible after discovering the Japanese turning slicer. -- See Recipe

Seared Scallops with puree of monkfish liver
Charlie Trotter had a great recipe for seared scallops with puree chicken livers and kale. We replace chicken with mokfish liver/. Monkfish liver has often been referred to as the foie gras of the sea. -- See Recipe

Lobster with Red Pepper Sauce
Raymond Blanc brings together the sweetness of Lobster with Red Pepper with the flavors Cardamon Jus in this very special dish. -- See Recipe

Wild Striped Bass with Roasted Carrots and Beets and Miso butter Sauce
The original concept for this dish was one that Le Bernardin did a few years ago. -- See Recipe

Cappuccino di Laguna
This wonderful dish from Quadri Restaurant in Venice, Italy is made from soft potato puree with Venetian lagoon seafood and black cuttlefish ink. -- See Recipe

Tuna tartare with Avocado served with Cold Cucumber Soup and Warm Panko Seared Tuna-- See Recipe

Meat and Poultry

Tournedos Rossini
Tournedos Rossini is a French steak dish. The dish comprises a beef tournedos (filet mignon), pan-fried in butter, served on a crouton, and topped with a hot slice of fresh whole foie gras. -- See Recipe

Coq Au Vin
The classic signature dish from Burgundy France. -- See Recipe

Lamb Rack of Lamb Sous Vide
The rack is deboned, coated with a light coat of balsamic vinegar, rolled in saran wrap and then in a vacuum bag -- sous vide is considered by many chefs to be the best way to cook this meat. In this recipe the lamb after removed from the vacuum bag is coated with dusted coriander and porcini mushrooms and then seared. -- See Recipe

Duck Confit with Roasted Carrots
It is best to buy the whole duck and render the fat to cook the legs and have leftover to take the place of butter. Crispy skin and moist meat. -- See Recipe


Fusili with Baby Octopus and Bone Marrow
Michael White, Marea (two Michelin Star Restuarant) serves what he calls a homage to surf and turf, substituting octopus and marrow for the more traditional seafood and steak. -- See Recipe

Pappardelle with Duck Confit Ragu, Meyer Lemon Zest, Thyme and Duck cracklings -- See Recipe

Pacceri con Fiori Di Zucca e Zafferano -- Pasta with Saffron and Zucchini Blossoms
Combining Zucchini blossoms and saffron is a common dish in Italy with varying pasta used. Both fresh pasta and dried pasta work well. -- See Recipe

Baked Egg in Coccotte
This is one of the simplest recipes and makes for an ideal first course. You can bake the eggs ahead of time in a ramekin, store in the refrigerator and then simply reheat the dish sitting the ramekins in hot water. Recipes show several variations using mushrooms, roasted tomatoes and shrimp. -- See Recipe

Poached Duck Egg with Roasted Asparagus, Spring Garlic and Duck Cracklings
This method to poach an is used by many top chefs and is a fullproof method. -- See Recipe


Grilled Eggplant, saffron honey with capers and Manchego Cheese
This dish is served at the Restaurant La Boca in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The dish finished on top at a recent Bee Squared Competition for Recipes that use honey. -- See Recipe

Carrot Soup with Ginger and Curry
Carrot Soup "lis one of those dishes that is quick and easy to make yet can be elevated to a more elegant level. We like to oven roast the carrots first. Sauteing in duck fat even adds another dimension of richness, but for vegans an olive oil roast works fine. -- See Recipe

Pistou Soup
Pistou or Provecal Vegetable soup is south France's signature soup. Any good local Greenmarket will have plenty ingredients for this wonderful soup.-- See Recipe

Robuchon Signature Mashed Potatoes
This is the dish that made Joel Robuchon famous. He would serve them at all tables in his restaurant on the table to go along with your meal. -- See Recipe

Potatoes Dauphinoise
This is our take of Potatoes Dauphinoise made using a Japanese turning slicer instead of slicing the potatoes with a mandolin. It gives a gorgeous presentation and great texture to the finished dish. -- See Recipe


Molten Chocolate Cakes Recipe
This warm chocolate cake popular in most restaurants having a molten core where the chocolate oozes out when cut was first started by Jean George. He continues to serve the original recipe in his bistro Nougatine. -- See Recipe

5 Cutting-Edge Cooking Techniques in Restaurants - Recipes

Project Fire

Cutting-Edge Techniques and Sizzling Recipes from the Caveman Porterhouse to Salt Slab Brownie S'Mores

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Where There&rsquos Smoke, There&rsquos Fire.

An electrifying new approach by the man who literally wrote the bible on barbecue. Cutting edge techniques meet time-honed traditions in 100 boldly flavored recipes that will help you turbocharge your game at the grill. Here&rsquos how to reinvent steak with reverse-seared beef tomahawks, dry-brined filets mignons, ember-charred porterhouses, and T-bones tattooed with grill marks and enriched, the way the pros do it, with melted beef fat. Here&rsquos how to spit-roast beer-brined cauliflower on the rotisserie. Blowtorch a rosemary veal chop. Grill mussels in blazing hay, peppery chicken under a salt brick, and herb-crusted salmon steaks on a shovel. From Seven Steps to Grilling Nirvana to recipes for grilled cocktails and desserts, Project Fire proves that live-fire, and understanding how to master it, makes everything taste better.

&ldquoOnce again, steven Raichlen shows off his formidable fire power and tempting recipes.&rdquo
&mdashFrancis Mallmann

Praise For Project Fire: Cutting-Edge Techniques and Sizzling Recipes from the Caveman Porterhouse to Salt Slab Brownie S'Mores&hellip

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"Once again, Steven Raichlen shows off his formidable fire power and tempting recipes, from primal charcoal to elegant roast." &mdashFrancis Mallmann, author of Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way 

"Another addition to [Raichlen&rsquos] magisterial collection&hellip. [ Project Fire ] contributes useful new information for both novice backyard cooks and experienced grill chefs." &mdash Booklist

How Do You Create An Original Recipe?

My opinion would lie somewhere in the middle, while I may not necessarily agree that adapting a recipe by swapping out a few ingredients makes it totally 'brand new', I also understand that it's hard to make a dish 100% original. If creating original recipes in your kitchen is something you're interested in, but afraid to do, the most important thing, as with anything in this great culinary world, is to START SIMPLE. I wouldn't recommend popping by your local grocery store and picking up, oh, say some pork hock, an orange, eggplant, cayenne pepper and some ranch dressing, then getting home and thinking to yourself: 'Now, what should I do with this?' That probably won't end very well.

In my opinion, there are five fundamental things that really help a chef-at-home get a great start creating original recipes.

The 13 minute egg is one of the most popular ways to cook eggs because it's easy, fast, and the results are really great. This recipe gives it a brightness by serving it on top of a wilted spinach salad. This sweet and spicy glazed carrots recipe uses the sous vide machine to simplify the process of preparing a great side dish!

5 Cutting-Edge Cooking Techniques in Restaurants - Recipes

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      ". 1/4 3/8 1/2
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                  SCIENCE AND COOKING PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES: A COLLABORATION BETWEEN EMINENT HARVARD RESEARCHERS AND WORLD-CLASS CHEFS - David Weitz (Experimental Soft Condensed Matter) & Michael Brenner (Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics), and Guest Chefs School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Science, and Harvard Online Learning, Harvard University Multimedia Science and Cooking Public Lecture Series: A Collaboration between Eminent Harvard Researchers and World-Class Chefs - Chemistry of Cooking & Physics of Cooking (Text, Images, Videos/Movies & Audio/Sound). VERY VERY VERY. EXTENSIVE.
                  Science and Cooking Public Lecture Series
                    ". discusses concepts from the physical sciences that underpin both everyday cooking and haute cuisine. Each lecture features a world-class chef who visited and presented their remarkable culinary designs. "
                    ". The lectures then use these culinary creations as inspiration to delve into understanding how and why cooking techniques and recipes work, focusing on the physical transformations of foods and material properties. "

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                  3 Major Styles of Fujian Cuisine

                  Fuzhou Cuisine: Fuzhou cuisine is the mainstream of Fujian cuisine, which is popular not only in Fuzhou, but also in areas of central, northern and eastern Fujian. Frequently using red vinasse in dishes, Fuzhou food usually is sour and sweet, fresh, tender and tastes refreshing. Fuzhou cuisine attaches importance to soups, and the most Fuzhou dishes are soups. Boiled Sea Clam with Chicken Soup is the representative of Fuzhou food.

                  Southern Fujian Cuisine: It is popular in Xiamen, Jinjiang, Youxi in Fujian, as well as Taiwan. It is good at using condiments, especially spicy ones, however, it has a light flavor in general. Satay, mustard, orange juice, Chinese medicine, fruits could also be added into dishes, which makes Southern Fujian cuisine unique. Sautéed Satay Beef, and Steamed Brisket Soup with Chinese Angelica Root are the best-known dishes.

                  Western Fujian Cuisine: Popular in Hakka areas in Fujian, the food tastes thicker with a strong aroma, which are a little salty and oily. Chefs in western Fujian are good at cooking delicacies from mountains, and ginger is the most-used seasoning. The famous Shuan Jiu Pin is similar to hot pot. The beef slices are cut off from nine different parts of cattle, and people eat the beef from a hotpot that the soup is boiled with rice wine as well as herbs.

                  How to Garnish

                  Entice little ones with a plate trimmed with fun gelatin cutouts and colorful carrot flowers -- the list of eye-catching garnishes is endless.

                  In this article, we'll show you how to add excitement to any food with eleven sections of creative garnishes. With easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and clear how-to photos, you'll soon progress from a basic radish fan to an impressive chocolate lead with ease.

                  Take lemons and make lemonade, or create beautiful decorations for your table. You can dress up anything edible -- from a simple glass of water to a glazed pork main entree. Not only is citrus colorful, it also smells nice and is easy to work with. In this section, we'll teach you how to create citrus knots, scored citrus slices, citrus loops, and candied citrus peels.

                  These garnishes are really creative. Transform a regular lemon or lime into a butterfly that will flitter along your dinner plate. Give the beautiful butterfly a flowery place to land by creating cherry flowers. Or, get even more creative with sugared flowers and fruit. There are always strawberry fans to cool off your shortcake or frosty beverages. Learn how to make these fun fruity garnishes in this section.

                  Chocolate is irresistible. What's not to love? It tastes great, tricks the brain into releasing chemicals that make you happy, and it's beautiful on the plate. Garnishing with chocolate takes a little bit of work, but it's well-worth the effort. Chocolate curls, cutouts, and chocolate-dipped fruits and nuts are only the beginning. We'll show you how to melt and pipe dark chocolate and white chocolate, as well as how to make white chocolate curls and cutouts.

                  Bell peppers are delicious vegetables. Many of the most bell peppers come in the stoplight colors of red, yellow, and green. When shopping for bell peppers, choose peppers that are evenly shaped and without blemishes to get the right results. In this section, we'll teach you how to make bell pepper rings, baskets, triangles, and cups.

                  Bugs Bunny was famous for eating carrots. Carrots have been proven to be good for your eyes. They can also improve what your eyes see, especially with these great carrot garnishes. Learn how to turn a regular root into a variety of popular flowers. You can also curl carrots and make carrot stars. You can even use a tiny bit of caviar in one of the garnishes. Find out which one in this section.

                  Cucumbers and zucchinis are versatile. Their deep green colors add a lot of panache to everyday meals. Keep their outer green peel on the strips you peel -- this line of color looks really good on the plate. Most cucumber and zucchini garnishes can be used interchangeably. Learn how to make cucumber and zucchini twists, ribbons, and flowers in this section.

                  Keep veggies in a bunch by tying them together. Garnishes aren't just fun to look at -- they're also practical. Vegetable ties are great for buffet meals so guests can easily pick up as many carrots as they want. In this section, we'll show you how to make different kinds of vegetable garnishes. The vegetables and techniques vary: from radish fans to julienne carrots and turnips, so you'll want to read it to know how to do a little of everything.

                  Most people go straight to the watermelon's juicy red interior and immediately discard the shell. The same is true of pineapple. It's pretty common to scoop out the tangy yellow fruit and toss the spiky shell. The garnishes in this section recycle the outer casings for both fruit, turning them into delightful baskets and boats. Learn how to make fruit basket garnishes in this section.

                  Dairy garnishes are fun and surprising. Yes, we've all been to nice hotel breakfasts that played host to butter pats carved into pretty shapes. We'll teach you how to make butter shapes in this section. You'll also learn some more unexpected uses for dairy. Most people eat hard cooked eggs, but we'll show you how to turn them into charming egg chicken garnishes. We'll also teach you how to pipe cream cheese in this section.