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Japan Is Getting Fancy Gold Kit Kats for Christmas

Japan Is Getting Fancy Gold Kit Kats for Christmas

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Premium Kit Kats covered in gold are coming to Japan in December

Japan is getting its fanciest Kit Kats yet in December.

Japan gets all the coolest Kit Kats, and this year Nestlé Japan has managed to top itself by creating the fanciest Kit Kats yet, because the new holiday flavor is gold.

According to Rocket News 24, Nestle Japan has eight stores in various cities in Japan, and they are devoted to selling only the most premium of Kit Kats in the fanciest of flavors. Those stores have been so popular that more than a million people have visited them, and to commemorate that achievement, Nestlé is releasing a limited edition Kit Kat covered in real 24-karat gold.

The special Kit Kat is called the Sublime Gold Kit Kat, and it is only going to be sold at the specialty Kit Kat stores in Japan starting at the end of December. It’s a pretty posh Kit Kat, too, as it will retail for 2,016 yen, or $16.41, and for that customers will only get one individual Kit Kat stick.

It’s a fancy stick, though. It reportedly starts out as a premium, bitter chocolate Kit Kat, and then someone applies the gold leaf by hand.

Only 500 Sublime Gold Kit Kats will be made, which makes them seem almost too special to eat. It would be the fanciest Kit Kat ever, except that Nestlé Japan is also making a Kit Kat out of 8.1 ounces of solid, 24-karat gold. That one won’t be edible, obviously, but it will be raffled off to a winner at one of the specialty Kit Kat stores in Japan.

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