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Just Dough It: Nike Teams Up With Krispy Kreme to Make Sneakers

Just Dough It: Nike Teams Up With Krispy Kreme to Make Sneakers

Nike and Krispy Kreme are rolling out limited edition Kyrie Irving sneakers made with the signature Krispy Kreme color theme

If they were doughnut-scented kicks, that’d be even more impressive.

Krispy Kreme sneakers were not something you ever thought you needed… until now. Nike is partnering with the doughnut chain to release a pair of limited edition Kyrie Irving basketball sneakers.As you might have guessed, the dope kicks feature Krispy Kreme’s signature red-orange, green, and white color scheme, as well as the chain’s K logo on the tongue of the sneaker, according to Fox Sports.

The "Ky-rispy Kreme” sneakers will be hitting the road inside a Krispy Kreme truck. Lucky sneaker fans or athletes with sweet teeth can catch the sneaker truck in Cleveland, Baltimore, Harlem, and Brooklyn this month. If you’re not lucky enough to catch the mobile footwear service, you can head on over to Nike’s website, NikeiD, to purchase a similar — but not exact — customizable pair for $165.

The shoes sold from the truck sadly don’t come with a box of doughnuts, but they are available in the signature Krispy Kreme box.

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