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Check with lemon and poppy seeds

Check with lemon and poppy seeds

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Allow the butter to soften at room temperature.

Prepare a cake tray and place the baking paper. With such a tray, I learned to fold the paper so that it is no longer rigid and takes the shape of the tray easily.

Turn on the oven.

1. Mix the butter with the sugar until it becomes frothy and the sugar melts.

2. Add one egg and mix well after each one.

3. Add the yogurt, juice and lemon peel and continue mixing.

4. Mix the baking powder, poppy seeds and flour in a separate bowl, then add them over the egg mixture. Mix for the last time until you get a homogeneous composition.

5. Pour it into the ribbon tray and level with a spatula.

6. Put the tray in the oven, when baking, over medium heat (175grd-180grd), for about an hour. The check will have a reddish color and a beautiful notch on the top. Take it out with paper and grill it, cool it.


I didn't put for that we avoid excess sugar / sweets during this period.

In a bowl, squeeze the juice from a lemon, put the powdered sugar and mix. Glaze the cake with this mixture. Portion and serve!

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