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Pork curry with basmati rice

Pork curry with basmati rice

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I cut the meat into small cubes, I cleaned it well of any traces of fat and I marinated it in soy sauce, orange blossom water, curry and hot pepper flakes and I left it there until I prepared the base from the rest of the ingredients.

I put a pan on the fire without water or oil and I added in it the coriander seeds, curry, cinnamon, raisins, cloves, chopped onion (not very small), the chopped garlic and I left them on the fire for about 10 minutes. bake to release its flavors, then I put them in the blender with 100 ml of water and mixed until I got a paste. I put this paste in a pan, I added the meat together with the marinade in which it was I let it boil until the meat is about half cooked.

Then I added the sliced ​​carrots and let them boil, I added the mushrooms and almost before turning off the heat I put the zucchini covered with seeds and cut diagonally. I let it boil again and I served it with a garnish of basmati rice with black sesame and a little sesame oil.

It seemed to me a successful combination of flavors of all kinds, a preparation that I will surely make in the future, maybe with other flavors but it deserves repeated experience.

Great appetite!



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