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Coconut colds

Coconut colds

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Take a piece of coconut.

it also comes out of it.

there is talk of all the fluff on the flame.

cut and wash thoroughly with warm water.

take a larger pot and fill it with water.

put the rooster in the pot.

froth the colds quite often, until it starts to boil.

we clean the onion, the carrot, the parsnip root and the parsley.

we cut them into large pieces.

when the colds have boiled about half we put the vegetables and season with a little salt and pepper.

after they have boiled completely, we take the meat out of the pot.

we loosen it well from all the bones.

strain the juice through a sieve or gauze often.

peel the garlic and grind it.

let the juice cool a bit.

when it is hot, we put the crushed garlic, season it to taste, add the gelatin and mix it well (in case you know that you don't catch colds).

we place meat in each plate (and vegetables if you want), then with a polish we put the juice.

we let them cool, then we put them in the fridge.

serve the next day, with a polenta.

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