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Candy Raffaello

Candy Raffaello

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I put the powdered milk in a bowl with powdered sugar and 150 g of coconut.

Then I added the lightly heated butter to the microwave and mixed well until incorporated. (we can use the mixer)

I added sour cream and essence.

Because I thought the dough was soft, I followed Laura's advice and added crushed biscuits (you can also add powdered milk or wafer sheet broken into small pieces).

I removed the pitted cherries on a napkin where I let them drain well.

Then I put composition on my hand, a cherry inside and formed balls of various sizes and rolled them through white coconut and red coconut.

We leave them in the fridge to rest .... and I hope they don't eat too much until 31. :)))

I got about 80 candies.

PS: this is the recipe to the liking of our frog .... that's why you get your hands dirty :))))