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Goes-on-Everything Barbecue Seasoning

Goes-on-Everything Barbecue Seasoning

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Makes about ½ cup

Make a double batch and keep this spicy-sweet blend on hand for all grilled meats and vegetables.

June 2020


  • ¼ cup smoked paprika

  • 2 Tbsp. light brown sugar

  • 2 tsp. chili powder

  • 2 tsp. garlic powder

  • 1½ tsp. cayenne pepper

Recipe Preparation

  • Whisk paprika, brown sugar, chili powder, garlic powder, and cayenne in a small bowl to combine.

  • Do ahead: Seasoning can be made 1 month ahead. Store airtight at room temperature.

Recipe by Kurt Evans

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Lefty's Fish n' Chicken Mix

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It began in a trailer on the side of the road. Lefty’s wife, Margaret, blended ingredients that created our bold and smooth original barbecue sauce. This sweet, tomato base condiment pretty much goes on everything!

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It started with our original mild barbecue sauce and now, we added cayenne and other ingredients, that gives this sauce a little kick. It’s a smooth balance of sweet and heat that is not overpowering.

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The Best Meat for Smoked Hamburgers

I like to use ground beef that has a higher fat content and is raised antibiotic and hormone free. My preference is the Wagyu Ground Beef from Snake River Farms. If you’re looking for the best meat for burgers, this is it.

If you’re going with store-bought burgers, make sure you get a mix of at least 85/15. My preference is 80/20 or even 73/27!

Higher fat content ground beef works well here because all that fat is going to render out during the smoke. This gives you one of the tastiest burgers you’ve ever had!


A Rub with Flavor so huge it will even make a Texan blush.


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Shorty’s French Onion Soup

Shorty’s Gourmet Spices is a family run business, originally created in the 60’s and perfected over the last 50 years, The Original “Shorty’s Spice” is truly the “Signature All Purpose Seasoning”. Whenever your cooking, remember Just Add Shorty’s!

Shorty’s Spice was created by Eddie and Irene Fulawka in the mid 1960’s, at their home in the North West Basin just outside of Penetanguishene, Ontario. Through Eddie’s love of cooking, and exuberance to experiment, and create his own way, Shorty’s Spice was born.

Throughout the year’s Shorty’s Spice has affectionately known to go by a few names, including Uncle Eddies, Ed’s, Eddies Spice, Fulawka Spice however it has always been the same great recipe we love. From humble beginnings, through word of mouth, Shorty’s Spice grew to be known around the world. You could always count on Eddie having a few bags of spice with him wherever he was.

Eddie Fulawka was also the manufacturer of Fulawka Pedal Steel Guitars. The guitars are also known around the world, each one a handcrafted work of art, at the hands of Eddie himself. Eddie and Irene would travel to many conventions demonstrating his Steel Guitars. Steel players are amazed at the workmanship of his guitars and how well they played.

Sadly, Eddie and Irene are no longer with us, and are dearly missed. In 2017, Shorty’s Spice was handed down to his great niece Nicole, who is keeping their legacy alive and continues to share this amazing all purpose seasoning with everyone.

East Carolina Mop-Sauce

On the coast of North and South Carolina, a.k.a. “East Carolina” or the “Low Country”, the philosophy is “Whole hog and keep the mustard for your hot dogs and the ketchup for your fries.” The African slaves of the Scottish settlers in the region pioneered American barbecue and their simple sauces were plain a kiss of hot pepper flakes and ground black pepper in vinegar. And so they remain today, where the sauce is used both as a mop or baste on the meat while it is cooking, and then as a finishing sauce at tableside. Thin and piquant, they are designed to penetrate the meat, not just sit on top as thicker ketchup and mustard sauces do so they are used both as a baste during cooking as well as a finishing sauce. They do a great job of cutting the fat in lipid-laced pork. There is little or no sugar in the mix, so your kids will hate it.


This sauce is superb on fatty foods and makes whole hog, pork shoulder, and lamb shoulder come to life.

Make your own

Try my recipe for East Carolina Kiss & Vinegar on just a bit of your chopped pork before your pour it over the whole sandwich, and if don’t like it, send the leftovers to me.

Buy a benchmark: Scott’s Barbecue Sauce from Goldsboro, NC

Scott’s Family Barbecue Sauce goes back to 1917 when Adam Scott first got into the barbecue business in Goldsboro. A local minister, Scott said the exact ingredients in the sauce were revealed to him in a dream. That original sauce recipe was served on Scott’s barbecue for nearly 30 years, until 1946 when Adam’s son, A. Martel Scott, Sr., spiced up the mixture a bit. Interestingly, they don’t have a restaurant, just a sauce business. Today Scott’s is nothing but vinegar, water, salt, peppers, and a few other spices (shake well). Tangy from the vinegar, spicy, but not scorchin’, this is the kind of stuff that made North Carolina barbecue famous. You will not like it straight from the bottle. Sprinkle it on pulled pork and then tell me what you think. It is a perfect example of 1 + 1 = 4.

Original Santa Maria Seasoning

There&rsquos a reason this authentic Santa Maria seasoning is our #1 selling product. It&rsquos the essential ingredient for anyone whose passion is regional cooking, as well as a pantry staple that enhances the flavors of almost any food.

Our &ldquoblue label&rdquo original Susie Q&rsquos Santa Maria Seasoning is a well balanced blend that rounds out on the palate without being salty or strong flavored. We use the highest quality ingredients to craft our seasonings, including California grown garlic, cracked black pepper, the purest earth salts and fresh parsley.


While professional grill masters rely on Susie Q&rsquos for their Santa Maria Tri Tip seasoning, you can use this all-purpose seasoning to transform any savory food into an unforgettable dish.

A pinch of seasoning will add a punch of flavor to sauces, soups, pasta and vegetables. Add a sprinkle to liven up butter, cream cheese, sour cream or cottage cheese. Use it as an authentic Santa Maria tri tip rub, but great for grilling, roasting or otherwise cooking any meat, including chicken. Use it instead of salt to create amazing Santa Maria style popcorn for your next movie-night in.

Popcorn Too

This seasoning goes great on popcorn.

Susie Q Santa Maria Seasoning

I grew up in Santa Maria but now live in Wisconsin. I absolutely love this Santa Maria seasoning and I'm so glad I can bring a little bit of Santa Maria here.

Susie Q Santa Maria Seasoning

This is the only santa maria seasoning that I use. In fact, it is pretty much the only seasoning I use on almost any meat. So delicious without being overly salty.

Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasonings

We have many seasonings in our collection but, our go to seasoning has been SUSIE Q’s Santa Maria Seasoning for more than twenty years.

Santa Maria Seasoning

Still my favorite go to seasoning!


Best Santa Maria seasoning you can buy .

The BEST Santa Maria Style BBQ Seasoning

Tritip steaks are good, but tritip rub with this seasoning is great!

Santa Maria Seasoning

Reminds me of BBQ growing up on the Central Coast. Susie Q's was always on hand! So glad it find it available online and the same as I remembered!

Best all purpose seasoning!

I know this is suppose to be a tritip rub, but this is by far the best all purpose seasoning. My family uses it on all meats and even vegitables. My only complaint is the price, but can't find anything better out there.

Susie Q Seasoning

Introduced to Susie Q by a friend in Arizona. I placed my order as soon as I got back to Nebraska it's the best use it on fish, chicken and beef. Wish I could get it locally, but will place another order before my supply runs out.

Best Santa Maria Seasoning

Santa Maria seasoning is the best. I've used it for years on beef brisket and tri tip. Simple seasoning but provides exceptional flavor through and through.

Love this Santa Maria seasoning!

We have been ordering this Santa Maria seasoning for years now! Love it! We use it for beef pork and chicken. The best flavor!

Santa Maria Seasoning - Great Stuff!
Santa Maria Style Seasoning

Absolutely LOVE this product and have used it for years!

Crowd Pleaser

I've cooked hundreds of pounds of chicken and tri-tip with the Susie Q seasoning. No matter the audience it is always a crowd pleaser. The best meat seasoning ever and a great base layer for any meat.

Susie Q brand seasoning

I love this stuff!! We put Susie Q on everything from sandwiches to meatloaf! The best on the market!

Susie Q Original Seasoning

Have used it for years and still love it. SO easy when you don't have to use different seasonings when you can have it all in one and use only a couple other seasonings. GREAT product that I have passed on to my children.

Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning

This seasoning is the best. I love it and use it on everything. I'm now a lifetime customer.

Santa Maria Style Seasoning- Blue Label

We use this seasoning almost daily. It complements just about every type of meat and vegetable we use, as well as eggs, salads, you name it. One of my personal favorites is Susie Q's on cottage cheese!!

Santa Maria Seasoning Review

Best seasoning combo on the market

Seasoning for Everything

Such a huge fan of Susie Q Santa Maria seasoning. It goes well with everything and just a little goes a long way. Couldn't do without it!

Susie Q's Original Santa Maria Seasoning

I love this stuff. I use it on everything. It's my go to seasoning.

Best tri tip seasoning

this is the best tri tip seasoning but also tastes great on all meats and fish

Santa Maria Seasoning

Have been using Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning for years.. great on steaks. good on pork and chicken also. Even use it on asparagus and broccoli. Love this stuff. Thanks.

Like a great song.

I, like you, have tried many seasonings. Most ingredients are basically the same. However, Susie Q's is a perfect combination that just simply hits the mark. Like a great song of melody and lyrics, this seasoning is my all time favorite!! Purchased for myself and gave to friends. Perfection.

Santa Maria BBQ Seasoning

While in the Air Force, my family and I spend numerous years in central California and fell-in-love with the Santa Maria BBQ. Now retired in Texas, I manage to find Tri-Tip but not the "right seasoning" until now. This Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasoning is the very best not only for Tri-Tip but also for any beef, poultry, or veggies you grill/cook. Awesome seasoning and I will not use any other.

SM Seasoning

This Santa Maria Style Seasoning is great on so many foods. keep it coming!

Santa Maria Seasoning

Great flavor! I've used it on fish, meat and chicken and receive a lot of compliments.

Best Santa Maria Seasoning

Great product good for grilled veggies and meats

Santa Maria Seasoning Review

Wonderful flavor, perfect every time. Have used this Santa Maria Seasoning for over 20 years.

Santa Maria Seasoning

Our family has used this seasoning for years. Our BBQ's are not BBQ's unless we have this seasoning. Beef, Chicken, Pork, Fish and veggies they are all more tasty with Susie Q's

Best seasoning ever!

Since trying Santa Maria seasoning many, many years ago, I haven't come across anything close to this!

Original Santa Maria Seasoning

We love this seasoning everything from eggs to fish and in between. It has become our go-to spice for cooking!

All Purpose Santa Maria Style Seasoning

We have loved this santa maria style seasoning for many years. It's very versatile - not just for steaks.

Best seasoning by far! The best

A friend bought me the small bottle to try. I went through it in no time i put it on everything. Best seasoning ever i recommend it to everyone!

Blue Label for Blue Ribbon

Been using this seasoning for years. First found it in Costco and searching for another place to buy it. Found it on line and recently used it on BBQ fish, BBQ shrimp, and asparagus with great results. Now testing the pink label Santa Maria seasoning.

Best all around seasoning

I still haven't found anything this is NOT good on. I just wish I could find this in one of my local grocery stores.

Taste of Home

For years my parents have been shipping loads of this seasoning to me everywhere I have gone. I love the taste of home and so does my company. We love it on everything


I grew up in Santa Maria and have missed these flavors. This will be a standard seasoning in my home and will be ordering again.

Goes great on everything. I have been using this product for years.

Goes great on everything. I have been using this product for years. I like to BBQ and smoke a lot. Great on fish also.

Love Susie Q

Just started using this seasoning and I love it on meat and vegetables!

The very best.

This seasoning makes everything taste wonderful.

Nothing but the Best!

Primarily used for tri-tip, but is good on anything!


Best seasoning I've ever tried. I always reorder when I get low on the product

All around good

I was introduced to Santa Maria by a friend. It is not sold where I live unfortunately. I find it to be the best seasoning all around for cooking and grilling.

Like taking a trip back to the Central Coast!

When I moved from SLO to Wisconsin, I brought a half-jar of Suzie Q's Santa Maria seasoning with me. It ran out way too soon! When I finally thought to search online, I saw that the label had changed - but when I got the goods, the case was the still the same. LOVE this stuff it's good on EVERYTHING.

Awesome Seasoning

I have been buying this seasoning for years and it is my favorite for steaks and tri-tip. When I smoke up a tri-tip up with this seasoning all my friends and family cannot get enough. Great product and fast shipping.

Love Susie Q

We use Susie Q seasoning (aka 'Santa Maria spice') on or in virtually everything we cook! We absolutely love it!

The Best
Sensational Susie Q

I was turned on to this seasoning a few years ago and haven't stopped buying it since. I use it on everything from potatoes, to meat, to the most amazing fish. Susie Q's has really SPICED up my cooking!!

Great Dryrub for Pork Spareribs

I've used Susie Q's Santa Maria seasoning for years on everything from veggies to meats (fish, Chicken, Beef, Pork, shrimp, lobster, etc.) you name it, it goes great. I love to BBQ and use the Original Santa Maria seasoning on pork spare ribs. I have been getting complements by the boatload on how I make the best BBQ people have every tried. It's all Suzie Q's Santa Maria. I like to pat dry the ribs the day before and rub with olive oil, fresh crushed garlic and a ton of Santa Maria seasoning. I marinade the ribs over night and smoke them the next day over hickory wood. It's a technique that is sure to please. My only gripe is that they don't sell the 6.5lbs container anymore and the the larger container went from 24oz to 22oz and the price went up. They should ship the product for free like most other online retailer as shipping cost are minimal and markup is high. Overall, its worth the price, I just wish you got a little more and that shipping was free!

Awsome spices

We love the Santa Maria Seasoning and use it on everything from eggs, to soups and meats. I couldn't find it locally so I went directly to the web site. I stock up so I never run out. Outstanding product

Live in Arizona and use it on all meats and even fish when BBQ Live in a small town and every time I do Ribs at a local bar we sell from 60 to 80 racks because of this seasoning

Best blend of spices ever

I have been consuming this seasoning since I was a small child, due to growing up in the Santa Maria Valley. I've used other seasonings, but in 30 years this seasoning is "hands down" my absolute favorite. It's tremendously wonderful with any type of food your cooking and blends well with everything. Thanks Susie Q!

Love, love, love it!

Love how the Santa Maria seasoning makes my steak-roast--chicken-pork taste! Add a bit of oak to the fire and --ohhhhhh- is that good.

Best Seasoning Ever

We love Susie Q brand of seasoning. We put it on everything and have turned several friends on to it as well.

None better

if you are just starting or a refine griller this seasoning is hands down the best,easiest and by far the most versatile there is,great om n beef,pork ,fish and even breakfast eggs

Favorite seasoning!

I have missed not seeing this seasoning at the grocery stores and was so happy to have it shipped! It is the perfect blend of spices and we use it for everything from steaks and chicken to breakfast potatoes! It's the best!


Amazing on all meats and perfect for potatoes for breakfast!

Suzie Q Seasoning

Several years ago my husband was in San Diego on a golfing trip. He had the opportunity to taste the Susie Q's Original Seasoning. Loved it so much, we began ordering from you directly since we live in NC. Have given the product to many of our friends as gifts. I now order for them too. Just recently ordered more including the large bulk.

Best seasoning EVER

I lived in Santa Maria in the 90s we moved back east. cant find it here I put it on everything . Just buy it

Can't do without..

I use the Original SuzieQ on grilled salmon several times a week!! Perfect seasoning to bring out the best flavor, and not overwhelm the fish. Love it.


best all-around spice for a multitude of meats and vegetables--

Best seasoning

I have been using Susie Q seasoning for years. I use it on chicken, beef, pork, soups and stews. As far as we are concerned it is the best seasoning ever.

Good on everything!

I was introduced to this seasoning 16 years ago, and have not used anything else since. It has graced meats ranging from homemade hamburgers, buffalo, goat, and chicken. It has livened ip scrambled eggs, and is a regular in our spaghetti sauce.

Love it!

This is absolutely the best seasoning ever! I use it on everything. My brother originally bought it for me as a gift and now I find myself giving it out as gifts. I was so happy that I was able to order more online before I ran out and pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received my package.

Great on Everything

We were introduced to Susie Q's Santa Maria Seasoning by some friends of ours who are from the Santa Maria, CA area. We couldn't get enough of the flavor and thought it tasted great on EVERYTHING. It is now a staple in our spice cabinet and used just about daily.

We use this all the time

We love this seasoning and use it in almost every dish we cook. It is excellent.

Great Seasoning

Fantastic on beef, chicken, seafood, and vegetables.


This is the best spice ever


This product is awesome. It gives wonderful flavors to your food. It is not just for meat, we put it in our scrambled eggs with cheese amazing.

The VERY best

It's completely different from any "garlic salt" I've ever used. So much better. Amazing!

From Cali and brought to the south.

Use this stuff on everything.

Original Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning

This is the BEST Seasoning that I have ever used. I have been using it for almost 10 years on beef, pork, fish, eggs, vegetables, etc. It is very hard to find in the stores and I am very happy that Susie Q's has it on their website.

Best in The West!

I have been using this product for years, it is absolutely the best! In the past I lived in Santa Barbara County and was able to purchase it easily. When I moved out of state, friends always checked before visiting whether I needed Susie Q Seasoning. I have used on beef, chicken and Salmon. Love this stuff!

Love this Stuff

I lived in Santa Maria back in 1994 thru 1997 the love going to the topical Santa Maria BBQ on Saturdays in any given parking lot around town. We also bought this seasoning at the local store for our home to use in everything. We moved to Colorado in 97 and have been without it for 18 years. So HAPPY to have this back in my house again. It is without a doubt the most used seasoning in my home for sure.

Love this stuff

We were introduced to this through my grandfather in-law. I can't seem to use anything else now. It's ruined me for other spices. :)

Best ever.

Have been using Suie Q brand spices for years now. Love them for everything.

Favorite 20 minute Dinner

Boneless skinless chicken breast, season both sides, fry, cube, throw on top of a salad, dress and mmm!! It's the best!


Santa Maria seasoning is absolutely the best - good on pork, beef, chicken, stews, soups. My daughter brought this seasoning to my attention many years ago and I have used it since. I even put it on prime rib mmmmm delicious.

Awsome product

We use this product on just about everything from meats to salads It is a great table top seasoning also. We use it in home and also our catering business

You Can't Live Without It!

I lived in Santa Maria for many years and I use the spice continually now that I live in San Diego I can't live without it I've taken it with me to Mexico to Europe and out of Oklahoma and I'm always having to order for everyone else because they say they can't live without it !

Best seasoning

Best seasoning I use it on everything


I have been using Susieq seasoning for many many many years, and have found nothing else better than it. I have purchased for my family and friends and they also are very pleased!

What? We are out?

This seasoning is used almost daily at our house. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Its unique blend lends to proteins, vegetables & starch. Less salt with good flavor.

Seasoning for all meats

Out of all seasoning I've used Santa Maria is no 1

Best seasoning.

I have been using your seasoning for the past 10 years, The only season I use, all of my friends are using it also.

Crack for cooks

LOVE this stuff. Been using it for 30+ years. Lightly oil chicken breast, season w/ Santa Maria, grill, broil, bake, or Set-It-And-Forget-It. Best chicken ever, and HEALTHY. Also use on tri tip (cook on rotisserie).

Amazing Seasoning!!

This stuff gives a former Santa Maria resident a taste of "home". It's good on steak, burgers, chicken, fish, French bread. everything I've used it on.

Awesome Santa Maria Seasoning

We live in WI and cannot get this seasoning locally. This is the best on tri tip, pork and chicken. Lucky for me I have relatives in CA that discovered this seasoning. Top notch. the best!

The best
Great stuff!

Won't cook ANYTHING without having some around in case I need it. I refuse.



Longing for a taste of home

I grew up in the central coast area and missed tbeing able to eat wonderfully seasoned tri-tip. Luckily, I found out Susie-Q sells their seasoning on line. Words can't describe how excited I was! Every time we use the seasoning, I feel that much closer to my home, the central coast.

Best seasoning

I season all my meats, chicken, and fish with this seasoning. I season most of my side dishes too. Great to smoked meats.

The Best

This is the best seasoning that we have ever had. Love it on our tri-tip. Never use anything else. Thank you.

This is the best !

I've been buying this combination of seasonings for years and it's the best. You can't make it at home this good. Just used it on baked jumbo shrimp for a holiday party last weekend and it was a huge hit. Love the stuff.

Best in the west

My wife and I love this seasoning. We have used it on beef chicken and pork, even bacon wrapped asparagus. It always compliments what ever we season with it. We grill, smoke and cook on the stove top with it. We would recommend this to all cooks.

Great seasoning

i love this seasoning. was introduced to Santa Maria seasoning when i lived in the Santa Maria Valley area 10 years ago. Loved eating tri tip. I recommend product !

Goes on everything!

Granted I grew up on Santa Maria Style BBQ, which this seasoning is part of, but everyone I introduce it too loves it. Besides steaks, I use it all the time on asparagus, chicken drumsticks, and salmon.

East coast Suzie Q lover

Turned on to Suzie Q during my many trips to launch rockets ar Vandenberg over the years. Won't grill without it!

Best seasoning ever!

I have been using Santa Maria Seasoning for many years. It goes great with everything. Either meat or vegetables. It is the perfect blend of spices that make it outstanding. I will always buy this spice for my cooking.


EVERYTHING TASTES BETTER WITH "SUZIE Q" I use it almost every day. I really appreciated the free shipping since I can't get it in Colorado. Need an sales rep. EVERY THING TASTES BETTER WITH "SUZIE Q" I can't remember a day I haven't used it! It's like chicken broth and bacon. makes everything better.

Love this seasoning

Ordered four of the 22 oz. original seasoning. We love this seasoning and it is not available in stores in Oregon. I had gotten an email that also gave me a code for free shipping, which was wonderful.

Great Seasoning

Love it, we used it on all our meats we cook,

Delicious here in AZ

I lived on the central coast for years and consider Santa Maria my home town. I know what oak pit BBQ should taste like and how a tri-tip should be cut. Just because I moved to Arizona does not mean I should miss the flavor of authentic Santa Maria style BBQ. Susie Q allows me to flavor my meats and all my favorite foods while reminiscing of home. Thank you, Susie Q, for bringing the taste of the central coast out to the desert.

Best ever seasoning

I grew up on the central coast always using the original seasoning. I have lived in Austin Texas for 17 years and still order or have shipped to me this seasoning. There is nothing to compare it to. It is simply the best on everything! Thank you!

Joes seasoning

I was given this seasoning many years ago by a friend named Joe. So I always called it Joe's seasoning. I started ordering it myself and never want to be without it.

Best all around seasoning ever!

I use my SusieQ seasoning almost everyday. It's wonderful on almost anything, from fish to filet.

Great "Stuff"!

We have been using Susie Q Santa Maria seasoning for years now. We ran out and couldn't get it locally, (San Diego). We stayed different brands and just weren't satisfied! I loved the free shipping, so ordered more recently! We'd love to have it available in San Diego!

Love it!

Santa Maria seasoning plus a little Tony Chachere's makes the BEST steak ever.

My opinion. the best

I've used this product for 8 years on all, and I mean all steaks, and pork chops, eggs, etc. and everyone tells me, especially the steaks, that they are the best steaks they have ever had. Of course I use good quality steaks but before I used Santa Maria style seasoning they were only Ok. Now, they're the best. Very very good product. Thank you for such a great product. David, central Oregon.

The Best

We use this on everything. It makes everything taste better.

Great on Steaks or Burgers!!

Suzy Q spices are the very best we won't BBQ without them it just isn't the same!!

Excellent on a steak

Best steak ever with Susie Q's original Santa Maria V. Style seasoning .

#1 seasoning

We've used this seasoning for as long as I can remember. the very best.

Don't Cook without It!

We've been Suzie Q seasoning since being offered to the public. We're no longer living in Santa Maria lived in Santa from ཿ to ག along with our daughters in San Antonio and Washing D.C. My wife and the girls use it in everything (matter of fact these's some on the Thanksgiving bird being cooked as I type). It's use it in chili, soups, eggs, veggies, fish and of course the new found cut of meat in the Austin to San Antonio area due to all us Cali transplants to Texas the Tritip.

Best seasoning
Best Seasoning Ever

Have been using this for many years. It is good on everything.


Susie Q seasoning is like magic! Everything you sprinkle it on instantly becomes delicious! I have no doubt that it would even make my flip flops taste great.

Great stuff! !!

We have introduced this product to our whole Texas family. we order and share. Best seasoning for everything! !

Best seasoning

Best seasoning on the west coast. You , can use the seasoning on basically everything. I'm a Lifer with Susie q seasoning.. I got a lot of people hooked on this product in San Diego. They would always want me to bring some back to San Diego after visiting Santa Maria.

Can't run my kitchen without it

Lived in Santa Maria for 10 years - won't use any other rub still. Absolutely the best for chicken and beef in any recipe.

The best on the planet!

Susie Q's has the best Santa Maria Seasoning on the planet! I put it on everything but my cereal . Brad from So. CA.


I put the Santa Maria seasoning on everything. It is my go to! I make some baked wedge fries with olive oil, chili powder, paprika and Santa Maria seasoning and they are the bomb. Been using it for about 10 years.

Great Seasoning

This seasoning not only adds great flavor to any meat (pork, beef, poultry, fish, etc.) but brings out more of the flavor of the product that it goes on. I add it to my eggs (scrambled, over easy, Omelets), some soups, etc. Don't ever stop making this product!

The Best Seasoning Ever

I've been ordering this Original Santa Maria Valley Style Seasoning ever since I discovered it at a Winery in Paso Robles, CA. I travel all around the country and am So happy I always have access to this amazing seasoning. There is no other like it!!

Can't Cook Without It

In 1997, while visiting our son at Vandenberg AFB in CA, we heard about the fantastic BBQ in Santa Maria. While there, we also discovered Susie Q's fantastic Santa Maria seasoning and were immediately sold on it! Since then our kitchen is never without it. We have moved a lot and no matter where we are Santa. Maria seasoning is easily available on line.


The BEST seasoning by far I have ever been introduced to. I live in AZ so I have to order it online because I can't find it in any store here, but it is worth it!! I use it on every meat and vegetable I cook!!

Don't go in the kitchen without it !

I've been using & sharing this amazing seasoning for at least 25 years if not longer. It has the ability to enhance everything that comes out of your kitchen, any meat, poultry, fish, vegetables,even grilled bread. Can't imagine no Susie Q , I'm totally a huge promoter, just want everyone I know to have happy taste buds.

We use it on almost everything.

Been seasoning with SuziQ's for almost 30 years. My family can't live without it now.

Okies Love It

Discovered Susie Q's from a California friend who introduced us to Tri-Tip roasts. We love the blend and use it on many things we cook on the ranch

Taste Good on Everything

We lived in Santa Maria for almost 18 years and we have not found a seasoning that is any better. it tastes good on everything. Even scramble eggs.

An awesome referral

A fellow BBQ enthusiast and user recommended this product with the absolute highest praise and said "here's nothing you can't use it on". I agree. Used it this weekend when it arrived on chicken. Added it to stuffed peppers and added it to a cheese omelet tonight. It was a great referral and has become a staple for me going forward. Thanks!


We moved to Utah from Orcutt and Susie Q is what we miss the most! Whenever we go back or some one comes this way it's the one thing that has to come back to Utah! It's just simply the best. on anything!

Won't cook without it

Susie Q original is overall the only season I use it makes evert hung taste wonderful

Love it!

Best on steaks. and everything else!

Can't cook without it

I've been using the original seasoning for many years. Nothing tastes as good without it. We get compliments on how tasty the meat is. Recently when we couldn't get Susie q's I tried something else that had high marks, but I thought it was horrible. Susie's isn't cheap, but it sure makes your food tastes great.

Thank you from Eugene Oregon

Still the best after 30 years. Go Ducks and Go Righetti Warriors

Been buying it for years!

Love this seasoning! Use it on steaks, burgers, chicken, potatoes. anything!

Always the Best

Everything good we remember about Santa Maria. Will probably try some of your other products.


No BBQ is complete without Susie Q's!


No BBQ is complete without Susie Q's!

Essential seasoning

When we lived in Santa Maria, CA we discovered Susie Q's. Since then it has been the essential seasoning on most of our food. We can only get it online in AZ, so when friends or family go to the Central Coast they must bring us back several jars. We cannot cook without it!

Addicted to this stuff

Lived in Santa Barbara Ca for most of my life. Santa Maria was 60 miles away and loved the Santa Maria bar be qued tri tip. We retired in Oregon and couldn't find the Suzy Q in Oregon. I tried others and they weren't the same. Now I order in the Suzy Q and all is good in the universe. This is good stuff.

Easy Marinated & Roasted Portobello Mushrooms

Portobello mushrooms have not always been such a go-to food of mine as they are now. Perhaps I didn’t quite know what to do with them to bring the best out in them. Learning that they are a “superfood” motivated me to find a way to make them irresistibly delicious and incorporate them into my repertoire of veggie dishes. The meaty and juicy texture of a portobello mushroom cap satiates any cravings for something brown and shaped like a filet mignon or the desire to cut your entree with a knife!

Vitamix Explorian Blender

The nutritional benefits of portobello mushrooms are many: 1 cup of sliced portobello contains only 42 calories, 1 gram of fat, 5 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and only 12 grams of sodium. You can also get 31% of your daily selenium, 30% of your daily copper, 18% of your daily phosphorus and potassium, in addition to iron, magnesium, manganese, calcium, zinc, niacin and riboflavin. Yes the list goes on—they also provide pantothenic acid, folate, choline, B6 and B1 and various antioxidants. Unlike many other foods, the antioxidant levels are not destroyed by the cooking process.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask

Whatever you’d like to call them—portobellos and portobellas and criminis—they are all the same thing, except that criminis are the smaller, younger version of the mature portobellos, which are about 4 – 6″ in diameter.

OK, so you know why you should be eating them! The simplest way to make these little powerhouses is to marinate them and roast them in the oven…

The How Not to Die Cookbook

Easy Marinated & Roasted Portobello Mushrooms


  • 3 or 4 portobello mushrooms
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons minced garlic (I like even more)
  • 1 chopped shallot
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • chopped fresh herbs: parsley, thyme, basil, rosemary (if not fresh, dried will do)


  • 1) Clean mushroom with a damp cloth and remove stems. You can keep the stems and chop them up and cook them, if desired. Place mushrooms in a ziploc bag.
  • 2) In a measuring cup, combine marinade ingredients and whisk together.
  • 3) Pour the marinade in the ziploc bag and gently distribute it in and around the mushrooms. Lay flat for about 30 minutes to an hour. to even 2 hours. You can even leave them in the marinade for 6 hours if you want! Flip the bag occasionally.
  • 4) With tongs, gently remove mushrooms and lay in a baking sheet sprayed with non-stick oil.
  • 5) Roast in an oven of 400 degrees for 10 minutes and then flip and roast for another 10 minutes.
  • 6) Serve as is, entree or side dish, using any leftover marinade as a sauce or slice into strips.
  • 7) Drizzle with Balsamic vinegar reduction or an oil & vinegar dressing.

Portobello mushrooms are very versatile—there are so many ways to use them in juicy, meaty, delicious ways:

1) stuff or sprinkle with bread crumbs and nutritional yeast

2) stack with slices of eggplant and roasted peppers

4) make it the “burger” in a toasted bun with avocado, lettuce, tomato, pickles and thousand island dressing

5) top with chopped tomatoes and melted shredded vegan mozzarella cheese

6) slice them and top a salad of mixed greens and arugula

7) toss with sautéed kale or string beans

8) put them on the barbecue grill but they give off some juices so be aware

Blank NYC Vegan Leather Jacket with Hood

Whatever You're Eating.

We've got a sauce for that.

Masterbuilt MPS 340/G ThermoTemp XL Propane Smoker

This is the first propane smoker with a thermostat, making this baby foolproof. Set ThermoTemp’s dial from 175° to 350°F and the thermostat inside will adjust the burner just like an indoor kitchen oven. All you need to do is add wood to the tray above the burner to start smokin’.

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The Undisputed Champion!

The Thermoworks Thermapen MK4 is considered by the pros, and our team, to be the single best instant read thermometer. The MK4 includes features that are common on high-end instruments: automatic backlight and rotating display. Don’t accept cheap substitutes.
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Our Favorite Backyard Smoker

The amazing Karubecue is the most innovative smoker in the world. The quality of meat from this machine is astonishing. At its crux is a patented firebox that burns logs above the cooking chamber and sucks heat and extremely clean blue smoke into the thermostat controlled oven. It is our favorite smoker, period.
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