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The Daily Dish: June 22, 2016

The Daily Dish: June 22, 2016

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Todays first course?

Minnesota-based GNP Company is recalling approximately 55,000 pounds of chicken products that “may be contaminated with extraneous materials.” Consumerist details that inspections found sand and black soil in some of the products. The USDA Food Safety & Inspection Service issued a Class 1 recall of select products, which includes only one retail item: Just Bare Whole Chicken, while the rest are bulk and custom items. The contamination has been linked to an “isolated product tampering incident,” and is being handled by law enforcement.

A recent study from Harris Poll has showed that people who drink craft beer regularly tend to have healthier habits than those who prefer cheaper beer or other types of liquor. Craft beer-drinkers usually make healthier eating decisions and exercise regularly. The poll surveyed nearly two thousand adults over 21 and found that 73 percent of craft beer-drinkers view their libation of choice as “an indulgence for special occasions.” More than half of respondents say they exercise several times a week, as compared with about half of all non-craft beer-drinkers. About 78 percent are also most likely to read nutrition labels. Most craft beer-lovers only drink on the weekends, according to the survey.

American tourists are used to emptying their wallets when spending money on a Disney vacation, where a simple snack can cost way more than normal. But Chinese tourists were not expecting American-standard prices on food at the brand new Shanghai Disneyland, which just opened last week. A bottle of water inside the park costs about 10 yuan, or $1.50 USD, and soup dumplings were about $1 each. Although this might sound reasonable, especially by theme park rip-off standards, tourists who have already experienced the park are sorely disappointed. In Shanghai outside the Disney gates, for instance, a soup dumpling would only cost around 15 cents apiece.

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